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What the signs in the hand say- Part 3

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Astropalm 119

We have already discussed the main lines and the secondary lines in the hand in some detail. There are signs in the hand which are no less important than the lines.

Signs in hand produce results mainly in three ways.  Some signs add strength or weaken the effect of a Mount or would produce an entirely different effect because of its presence on the Mount in question. 

There are certain signs that strengthen or weaken the main lines or give the line an entirely new effect during their presence. 

There are certain other signs which signify results independent of a particular Mount or a Line. 

There are eight main signs commonly found in hands which are considered very significant, of which we discussed the signs, the Spot or Dot, the Circle, the Square or the Rectangle and the Island in the two previous artcles. The significations of the other signs are as follows:  

(6)The Grille: This sign is formed by a number of minute lines crossing each other more or less at right angles.  The Grille is a serious defect.  A Grille on the Mount of Jupiter means that the subject is a person of domineering spirit, exaggerate vanity and loose morals.  He is arrogant, selfish and superstitious.  If there is a grille on the Bracelets, the subject faces a great downfall. 

(7)The Cross: Crosses are formed by lines crossing other lines. In certain hands the Cross is seen as a single sign. A Cross is an unfavourable sign in all places except on the Mount of Jupiter. On the Mount of Jupiter, a Cross signifies a happy life. Wife is educated and the family is a success.  A Cross on the Mount of Saturn means a violent death. On the Mount of Sun means difficulties in career and business and endless disappointments. On the Mount of Mercury:  The subject falls into disrepute due to dishonesty. On the Upper Mount of Mars: Having to face great opposition. On the Lower Mount of Mars:  becomes subject to violence and death during a clash. On the Mount of Moon: Death by drowning. On the Mount of Venus:  A love affair or a marriage coming to a tragic end. On the Line of Head: An injury to the head due to an accident. On the Line of Heart:  death due to a heart attack or the death of a loved one. 

(8)The Star: This is a favourable sign on all positions except on the Mount of Saturn.  A Star on the Mount of Jupiter: Honour, power and position. On the Mount of Sun: Riches, glory and fame. On the Mount of Mercury: Great success in commerce, business and science. On the mount of Mars: Great distinction, a celebrity in a decisive battle. On the Mount of Mars under the Mount of Mercury:  Honoured for attaining success by the dint of perseverance. On the Mount of Moon: A celebrity recognized for great imagination and inventive faculties. On the Mount of Venus:  Success with the opposite sex. On the Mount of Saturn: The subject would attain great distinction but will end in some terrible disaster. A king doomed to a tragic end.