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What the peculiarities of the lines in hand say Line of Mars

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Human hand – Trailblazer of Human Civilization

In the previous article on the above subject we explained that the line of Mars often originates either from the lower part of the Mount or from the initial part of the Life line and proceeds towards the Mount of Venus. There can be one or more lines of Mars and they can be thin, thick or very feint. 

This line often runs close and parallel to the line of Life. Some prominent palmists refer to this line as a sister line of the Life line.

The celebrated palmist Cheiro describes this line as the inner Life line. He says that this line rising from the lower Mount of Mars when it is clear and strong, reinforces or strengthens the Life line. 

Following are several positions of Mars line or lines and the results indicated by them. 

The presence of a clear line of Mars in a hand where the Life line is deep and clear, and the Mount of Venus is prominently large: The subject is prone to excessive indulgence of sexual appetite. (A clear Head line and a strong Heart line can restrain such a propensity.)     
A sub-line off a Mars line cuts the Apollo or Saturn line:  The excessive indulgence in sex has affected the career of the subject.
 In the case of (2) above, if the Apollo line terminates in a Dot, a Bar or a Cross: The subject will suffer loss of reputation.
 In the case of (2) above, if such a rising line cuts a line of Affection: The domestic life would be in ruins 
 The line of Mars runs close and parallel to the Mount of Mars and the Mount of Venus: It serves to correct the breaks and defects in the line of Life.  It gives assurance, self-respect and with a good Mount of Jupiter a desirable amount of pride.

The line of Mars by itself is a good indication. In a hand all lines are strong, a good Mars line would reinforce subject’s power and ability to achieve success.