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What the peculiarities of main lines say Line of Mercury or Health

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The normal Line of Mercury originates from the Rascette and proceeds towards the Mount of Mercury.

This line is known by several other names as well. It is called the Line of Liver, Line of Health and the Line of Hepatica.  However, it is mostly called the Line of Health.

Health is the greatest wealth that one can possess.  Because one may possess fame, honour, wealth and other comforts in life, but if one is not in good health one’s fame and prosperity would mean nothing. 

The presence of a really clear and deep-cut line of health is rarely seen in a hand, especially when the subject is past his youth. 

This line is absent in most hands.  This means that the subject is full of verve and nerve and is free from any liver trouble and he finds the life is indeed worth living. 

The Line of Mercury may originate from any point in the hand but to deserve the name, it should terminate on the Mount of Mercury. 

This line starts mainly from the following places: 
The Mount of Venus
Near the Life line
Mount of Moon or Luna
Fate line and
Mount of Mars   

If the Line of health starts from above the Rascette and proceeds up to the Mount of Mercury without touching the line of Life, the subject would enjoy longevity, good health (especially of the digestive organs) and success in business. 

If the line takes its course alongside the percussion, it would be taken for the line of Intuition.  However, the real line of Intuition rises from the Mount of Moon to reach the Upper Mars forming a semi-circle. 

Students of palmistry should be guided by the following rules in making predictions. 
If the line begins with a reddish tinge, the subject would suffer from heart trouble in his life. 
If the line is yellow in colour, the subject would suffer from diseases affecting the genitals.
If the line originates from the Mount of Moon and proceeds towards the Mount of Mercury along the percussion, the subject would go overseas several times in his life. 
If the line is distinct and the Head line is strong, the subject would have a sharp memory.
If the line is long and fine with a short line of Life, the insufficiency of the Life line is made up for.  
If there is a sign of a rectangle at the end of the Health Line, the subject suffers from Asthma
If the Moon line meets the Health line, the subject is a successful poet and travels abroad several times. 
If a wavy Health line touches the Fate line, the subject’s luck remains weak throughout life.
If there is a cross at the end of the Head line and the Health line, the subject’s life is a great success.
If there is a cross near the Health line, the subject would meet with several accidents.

A cross on the Health line indicates that the subject is of unsound mind
If a double Health line touches the Mount of Sun, the subject would get high political office.
If the Health line rises from the Heart line, like a branch off it, and runs down to touch the Life line, it indicates a disease of the heart.
A chained line indicates a diseased liver and stomach.
A star on this line at the point it crosses the Head line in a woman’s hand indicates a serious gynaecological problem or difficulties to be experienced at 
child delivery.