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What the peculiarities of main lines say Line of Apollo or Sun

31 May 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Last week we discussed several peculiarities of the Apollo line (from (a) to (g)) and the results they indicate.  We propose to discuss a few more peculiarities of the Apollo line and the effects they signify.

(h)  A broad and shallow Apollo line indicates that subject possesses little Apollonian power.  The subject would like pretty things but if the hand is coarse, he would be inclined towards gaudy and showy things. If, however, the hand is refined, the subject would dress tastefully having an eye to the colour composition. 

(i) A chained Apollo line is undesirable. The subject with a such a line may strive for artistic achievements and may even be under the delusion that his knowledge is profound. But his artistic efforts would not be a success.  

(j)  A wavy line indicates the vacillation of the career of the subject. The subject is erratic and is unreliable.  Though clever, the subject is prone to go off at a tangent and waste his talents.  If the line, however, straightens on the Mount, the ultimate results would be encouraging, especially if it terminates in a star.

(k)  If the line originating low in the hand goes absent between the Head and Heart lines, it indicates that the subject’s projects and plans would come to nothing, due to untoward accidents interfering with the subject’s career.

(l) If the line is clear and straight in both hands with a single star on the Mount of Sun, the subject would attain celebrity status due to his talents.   

(m) If the line is straight and deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mounts of Venus and Moon, the subject is endowed with aptitudes for literary work. 

(n) If the line is deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with a pronounced Mount of Moon the subject is a literary or art critic of distinction. 

(o)A good line of Sun with a good line of Fate and a high Mount of Jupiter indicates a combination of a bright mind with a combative nature. The subject would achieve his ambition. `

(p) A good Sun line with a long line of Head and a very long third finger indicates talents directed at amassing wealth by speculation. 

(q) If the line is found in both hands with a sloping line of Head and the third finger (finger of Apollo), if not quite, as long as the second finger, the subject has gambling propensities.  (The sloping line of Head indicates the mastery of imagination over reason.)

(r) A straight line in a hollow palm with twisted fingers indicate talents for an evil purpose, but miserable failure as the inevitable end. 

(s) The Apollo line starting from inside the Upper Mount of Mars signifies aggressiveness in the battle for fame or fortune.

(t) Star on the Sun line indicates brilliant and lasting success.