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What the peculiarities of main lines say - FATE OR SATUrn LINE

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In the previous article under above topic, we discussed the general character and certain peculiarities of the Fate line. 

Given the importance of this line, we propose to give more vital information about it.

The Fate line represents career, life-work and the succession of happenings in one’s life. Some veteran -palmists say that it is a misnomer to call this line the Fate line, because one has the potential to direct one’s life in the direction of one’s choice.  The Fate line indicates one’s Life-Plan at birth.  But one can change the Life-Plan through the exercise of one’s free will. It is the lines in the left hand that represent our Life Plan and the deviations in the lines in the right hand signify the changes we make through the exercise of our free will. 

A deep well-cut Fate line indicates that the subject possesses talents and skills if properly used would bring him success. A thin line means that the subject has to make an effort to develop his capabilities. 

A chained line signifies a career entailing much hardship. But if only part of the line is chained, the difficulties are confined to the period represented by the chained part. 

All defects at the beginning of the line - usually at the base of the hand over the bracelets – refer to the childhood.  They indicate ill-health, bad influence of parents and the uncongenial environment where the child lives.  

The islands on the line normally indicate career difficulties or financial difficulties. 

Crossbars cutting the line are impediments to the career.  Each bar represents a separate impediment.  The faint lines which do not cut the line represent minor setbacks that can be overcome.

Breaks in the line are serious defects that represent a serious setback in the career. If the line continues in a new direction after the break, a total change in the subject’s career is signified.

When there are breaks in the Fate line, the lines in both hands should be examined to ascertain whether the breaks are part of the natural plan of life shown in the left hand or the results of acquired bad habits, and wrong decisions leading to disastrous consequences, illness or any other cause. 

In most cases, we may find that the Fate line in the left hand is much clearer and better than one in the right hand, which points to the home truth most of our problems are of our own making and we can alter our fate if we really want to do so. 

When the line is deep and thin alternately, periods of prosperity are intermittent.

If the deep line stops at the Head line it shows a sudden ending of the career. But if the line starts from another point of the Head line the subject has embarked on a new career. 

If the strong and deep Fate line stops at the Heart line, it indicates that the career of the subject has stopped at the late middle age and if another line rises from the Heart line itself or from a point below it, the subject has assumed a new career. However, if there is a new line rising as explained above, with the Fate line suddenly terminating at the Heart line would mean a serious misfortune like a heart attack. 

The lines running alongside the Fate line should be considered sister lines lending strength to the Fate line.

As a general rule, the line of Saturn (Fate) terminates on the Mount of Saturn.  But there are exceptions to this rule.  For instance, this line may end on the Mount of Jupiter, Sun or Mercury. 

If the Fate line ends on the Mount of Jupiter, the subject achieves great success due in particular to a brilliant marriage.

The Fate line terminating on the Mount of Mercury in both hands predicts success in business.

The Fate line ending on the Mount of Sun or Apollo signifies gaining much wealth and high position.