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The Plain of Mars – The Quadrangle and the Great Triangle

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Astropalm 114

The area of the hollow or the depression in the centre of the palm is called the Plain of Mars.

The Plain of Mars is made up of the Quadrangle - the space lying between the space between the lines of Head and Heart – it extends from the Mount of Jupiter to the Mount of Upper Mars -neither Mount included and the Great Triangle which is formed by the Lines of Head, Life and Health.

Great palmists like Comte C.de Saint Germaine, a disciple of celebrated palmist Adolphe Desbarrolles and also palmist Cheiro have dealt with the characteristics of the Quadrangle and the Great Triangle separately in delineating the character of the subject venturing predictions.

The normal Great Triangle is the area lying between the Life line, Head line and the Liver line.  There would be no clearly marked Triangle in the absence of any of these lines.  In such a case, the signs located on that portion of the palm that would normally cover the space of the triangle are to be read as if they are within the triangle. 

Specific characteristics of the Great triangle and their indications are as follows: 

Bulging in both hands:  Aggressive character and prodigal disposition.
Bulging in one hand only: Brave and generous.
Broad and well-formed with the three lines distinct and well-marked: The subject is kind and benevolent.

Wide and clearly marked with the three lines of a healthy colour:  The subject displays good understanding. The liver is in good order and helps the brain to function efficiently.
Very large with well-developed Mounts of Mars:  Aggressive and audacious.

 A small Great triangle:  The subject is mean and cowardly.

 Flat in both hands with a very low Mount of Saturn: The subject leads an insignificant life.

Much lined and with exaggerate Mounts of Mercury and Mars:  Impatient, fretful and easily provoked.

Well-formed with Heart line forked at its termination: Generous.

The Great Triangle in the hand of a young man with both Fate and Sun lines absent:  The subject would be a failure if he chose to follow an artistic or an intellectual career.

The readers should note that the existence of the three lines, Life, Head and Health assures good health, practical ability and much will-power.
(To be continued)