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The 5th Bhava or Putrasthana says all about children

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The 5th Bhava or House in the horoscope is known as Buddhisthana and Putrasthana.  This is an important trine in the Dharma Trikona formed by the Lagna, the 5th Bhava and the 9th Bhava.

What the 5th Bhava represents
The 5th Bhava represents intelligence of father, discriminating power, children, intelligence, fame and position, skills in arts and literature, love and romance and the previous birth.  This Bhava also represents the heart, the chest- the area above the area in general and the abdomen. 

If the lord of the 5th occupies the 3rd, 6th or the 12th House and is aspected by malefics, children would die early. Should the lord of the 5th combust, weak or is with malefics the native would have no children and if they are born, they would not live long. 

What planetary combinations signify 
If an afflicted Sun is in the 5th House, the father would die.

If the 5th lord joins favourable planets, the native would get many children. 

If the 5th lord is in the 6th House and the Lagnadhipati is conjunct with Mars, the native would lose the first child and there would be no more offspring. 

Native would certainly have children if Jupiter becomes the 5th lord and is aspected by Lagnadhipati. 

Native’s wife would give birth to only one child if the 5th lord is debilitated while Saturn and Mercury are in the 5th House. 

Loss of children is to be predicted if both the 5th House and its lord are placed between malefic planets and Jupiter too is associated with malefic planets. 

If the 5th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th or in an inimical sign or debilitated or in the 5th House itself, native would get children with great difficulty.

Native would have a piercing intellect if the 5th House is between benefic planets. 

If the 5th House is owned by Saturn or Mercury and is occupied or aspected by Saturn or Mandy, the Native would have adopted children. 

If Saturn is in the 5th House or aspects the lord of birth or Jupiter, the native would suffer from brain derangement. 

Native would have many children if the 5th lord is strong and the 5th House is aspected by Mercury, Jupiter or Venus. 

If the 5th house falls in a sign ruled by Mercury or Saturn and its lord is conjunct with Saturn, the native would have an adopted son. If the 5th lord is with the Moon or in her decanate (Drekanna), the native would get daughters. If the 5th lord is masculine and joins a lord of a masculine sign and combines in a Masculine Navamsa, the first child would be a male.

If the 5th lord occupies a female sign with a female planet and combines in a female Navamsa, the first-born would be a girl.