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Significations of minor lines - Line of Intuition – Part 2

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We said in our previous article that this line when present, lies at the side of the hand near the percussion. It rises on the Mount of Moon, curves inwards towards the palm and ends on or near the Mount of Mercury. Its position is near the line of Mercury and is often mistaken for that line.  Its distinguishing feature is its curve. 

We in the previous article gave several peculiarities of the line and their significations. A few more peculiarities and their significations are explained below.

Peculiarity:  Intuition line terminates on the Upper Mount of Mars.

Signification: The energy of the Upper Mount of Mars has the full sway and increases the intuitive power of the subject ten-fold.

Peculiarity: The line is short and wavy and is with branch lines while the Mount of Upper Mass is excessively prominent.

Signification: The subject has a nervous disposition which is the result of ultra-nervousness. The subject would be extremely difficult to please. 

Peculiarity: The line is broken repeatedly.

Signification: The subject gets the intuitive by fits and starts and it cannot be relied upon. 

Peculiarity:  The line of Intuition forms a triangle with the lines of fate and head.

Signification: A strong aptitude for occult sciences.

Peculiarity: The line is found in both hand and is crossed by influence lines from the lines of Life. 

Signification: The subject’s relatives and close friends strongly object to the subject practicing occult sciences

Peculiarity: The line starts from an island.

Signification:   Subject is a sleep-walker and is prone to nightmares and presentiments.



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