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Significations of minor lines – Girdle of Venus

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In our previous article on the Girdle of Venus, we familiarized our readers with a general account about this line.

In this article we propose to discuss the significations of specific peculiarities of this line.

Peculiarity:  Very deep and often red and cutting through the lines of Fate and the Sun.

Signification: The intellect of the subject is greatly impaired by his vicious tendencies and his career would suffer grievously from this cause.

Peculiarity: The line is thin and strong when there are strong lines of Fate and Sun   

Signification:  The subject possesses wit, love and talent for literature

Peculiarity: The line is wide  

Signification:  Subject would squander his ancestors’ wealth. He is quick to get involved in love affairs and would fall into disrepute due to his promiscuity.

Peculiarity:  Girdle of Venus is thin and clear

Signification: Subject is an expert in conversation and would influence others by his oratorical skills.

Peculiarity: The line terminates on the Mount of Mercury.

Signification: In a good hand subject shows nervous energy and ardor in every undertaking. In a bad hand:  Subject is deceitful in addition to being lascivious. 

 Peculiarity:  The line is made of several broken lines 

Signification: Subject is very nervous and danger from hysteria is very great.

Peculiarity:  The line is broken 

Signification:  Subject’s sensuality is at its worst

Peculiarity: The line cuts the line of Union or Marriage: 

Signification:  The hysterical temperament of the subject and his heartless selfishness would destroy the happiness of the spouse or the person who loves him