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Secrets that the fingers reveal

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To be used as an inset or a blurb We have already discussed the lines and signs on the Mounts in the hand. We also propose to run a series of articles on the lines and signs on the fingers and the Thumb. Prior to running that series, we wish to recapitulate the fundamentals about the fingers and the Thumb for the benefit of our readership beginning this article.     
Fingers are the most important and the most active part of the hand. Palmistry  attaches great significance to the fingers.

We all know that there are four fingers and the thumb on human hand.

The four fingers are described as Index Finger or the Finger of Jupiter, Finger of Saturn, Finger of Apollo or the Finger of the Sun and Little Finger or the Finger of Mercury and they are also referred to as the First Finger, the Second Finger, the Third Finger or Ring Finger and the Fourth Finger respectively. 



Index Finger or the Finger of Jupiter 
Index Finger or the Finger of Jupiter: The finger next to the thumb is the Index Finger. This finger is not always straight. It leans to a side very often. You can ascertain to which side this finger leans by examining the tip of this finger in relation to the tips of other fingers. Some Index Fingers are straight while others lean either towards the Finger of the Saturn or the thumb.



Finger of Saturn
This is the middle finger, the longest one. It is seldom that one would find the Finger of Saturn and the Index Finger is of equal length. Those with these two fingers of equal length would either commit suicide or die due to an unusual cause.



Finger of Apollo
The finger next to the Finger of Saturn is called the Finger of Apollo. Usually this finger is shorter than the Finger of Saturn; in length it is almost equal to the Finger of Jupiter. Leaning of this finger too reveals a secret. If it is leaning towards the Finger of Saturn, the owner of the hand is a very fortunate person. If it leans towards the little Finger (Finger of Mercury), the owner’s family life is not happy.



Finger of Mercury (Little finger)
This is the smallest finger on the hand. Usually this finger reaches the upper flange of the Apollo finger. If this is unusually long, the owner is very fortunate, and he would attain a high position by dint of perseverance.



Fingers named after the mounts at the base
The fingers are named after the mounts located under them. For example, the Mount of Jupiter is located under the Index Finger or the Finger of Jupiter.

If you are a student of palmistry, you are advised to observe whether one’s fingers are short or long and whether they are close together at the base or are widely spaced between them. If the space between one’s thumb and the Finger of Apollo is very wide, one is very generous. He is a lover of freedom and independence. If the Fingers of Jupiter and Saturn widely separate, the owner is not conventional in his views. His behavior and actions would 
be unorthodox.

When the fingers of Saturn and Apollo are far apart, the owner is a person who lives for the day with no concern for tomorrow. Such people are spendthrifts. Widely separated fingers of Apollo and Mercury indicate that the owner is very independent in his thinking. He would not care about what others think about him.

You can get easily acquainted with persons with widely separated fingers. They are friendly and sociable by nature. People whose fingers are close together are unsociable, stingy, self-centered and are slaves to formality and convention. They would usually look on others with suspicion.