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Profession indicated by the Hand – Part 2

18 Oct 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Savants of palmistry say that it is impossible to say what a person’s profession or occupation is by the shape of the hand, but it would definitely indicate for what profession or occupation he or she is best suited. 

The characteristics of the hand of a businessman, an accountant, an architect and that of a lawyer / judicial officer were described in our previous article. The characteristics of the hand of several other professionals are given below:

Hand of a soldier: The hand is large, the Thumb is strong with the first phalanx well-developed, Lower and Upper Mounts of Mars are prominent, lines of Saturn and Apollo are distinct, fingers are of normal length, but finger tips are square or spatulate.

Hand of a Sculptor: Fingers are more or less spatulate, Mounts of Venus, Mars and Moon are prominent, the hand is thick and strong, and the palm is broad. 

Hand of an Actor: Long flexible fingers; Apollo finger is spatulate; Mounts of Venus and Moon are prominent; The head line is drooping towards the Mount of Moon; the first phalanx of Mercury finger is long.

Hand of a Writer (Author, Journalist etc.):  Mounts of Jupiter and Moon are prominent with a longer of Apollo; finger tips are spatulate or square. (Literary critics have short nails and a prominent Mount of Mercury. Poets have large Mounts of Moon and Venus with the head line sloping towards the Mount of Luna. Fingers are smooth and pointed.)