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Minor Lines – Lines of Marriage or Affection – Part 3

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The line of Marriage is found on the Mount of Mercury. It runs from the percussion towards the centre of the hand.  A number of these lines are seen in some hands.  These lines are absent in some hands. 

When there are two or three lines, the line which is the longest and the strongest should be considered as the Marriage line. And the other lines are indicative of possible affairs with others before and after marriage. 

In the previous article, we gave details relating to several specific formations or the peculiarities of the Marriage line and significations. We propose to give more peculiarities of the line and their significations.

9) Peculiarity: Line of Marriage is distinct, but there are hairlines drooping from it towards the line of Heart.

 Signification: It foretells trouble brought in by the illness or the bad health of the spouse. (If the line droops with a small cross over the curve, spouse may die accident or come to sudden death.) 

10)  Peculiarity:  The line of marriage sends an offshoot to the Mount of Sun and into the Line of Sun.
      Signification:   It tells that the subject will marry someone of distinction and generally a person some way famous. (If the offshoot cuts the line of Sun the subject will lose his position to due to the marriage.)

11) Peculiarity: An upward branch of the marriage line touches the Mount of the Sun.
      Signification: It indicates a brilliant union

12) Peculiarity: A blackspot on the Marriage line
    Signification: Widowhood or widowerhood

13) Peculiarity:  An island on the Marriage line
    Signification:  quarrelling with the spouse

14) Peculiarity: There are islands or downward branches from the Marriage line
    Signification: The subject will not marry

15) Peculiarity: An island at the termination of the line with another island at the base of the second phalanx of the Thumb
     Signification: A marriage between two near relatives

16) Peculiarity: If one branch of the Marriage line proceeding downwards reaches the Mount of Venus.
    Signification:  Spouse is immoral.