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Minor Lines – Lines of Marriage or Affection

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The line of Marriage is found on the Mount of Mercury. It runs from the percussion towards the centre of the hand.  A number of these lines are seen in some hands.  These lines are absent in some hands. 

When there are two or three lines, the line which is the longest and the strongest should be considered as the Marriage line. And the other lines are indicative of possible affairs with others before and after marriage. 

In the previous article on the Lines of Marriage, we gave a general account about these lines.  In this article we propose to provide details relating to specific formations or the peculiarities of some lines and their significations.

1)Peculiarity: Line of Marriage is thinner than other lines in the hand. 

   Signification: The subject has no strong no affections or is undemonstrative in his affections.

2)Peculiarity:  The presence of a cross on the Marriage line Signification:  There are serious obstacles to the subject’s affections
3)Peculiarity: Branching or turning of the Marriage line towards the Heart line.

      Signification: Widowhood or widowerhood – the death of the   person the subject loved.

4)Peculiarity: A break in the line
    Signification: Interference in the course of affection

5)Peculiarity:  A fork at the end of the line
    Signification: Separation or divorce

6)Peculiarity: The Marriage line curves upwards
    Signification: The subject will not marry

7)Peculiarity: the line runs close to the Heart line
     Signification: The subject will marry at an early age

8)Peculiarity: Line is forked at the start at the percussion
    Signification: Separation due to the fault of the subject, not that of      the other party  
(To be continued)