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Minor Lines – Rascettes or Bracelets

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Astropalm 113



Rascettes or bracelets are the horizontal lines that run across the wrist.

In many hands, there are three lines, but in others there may be only two lines and in some but one. 

According to Indian palmist Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, these lines indicate health, wealth and honour and respect. If a line goes up from the wrist, the subject would get all his wishes fulfilled in his life time. If any line originating from the wrist goes up to the Mount of Moon, the subject would go abroad many times. If there are four bracelets the subject would live up to 100 years. 

The celebrated French palmist Comte C de Saint Germaine says if there is one clearly 

marked line, the subject 

would live 23 to 28 years. Two lines announce a life-time of 46 to 56 years 

and three bracelets indicate a life span of between 69 and 80 years.  Three bracelets clear and well-defined signify health, wealth and good fortune. In other words, a smooth existence.  Poorly formed three lines denote a life of extravagance and dissipation. 

If the first line is chained, it indicates a life of much hard work and care but with final success crowning these efforts.

A line from the Rascette to the Mount of Jupiter, indicates a long and successful journey. This line generally proceeds through the Mount of Venus.  When it proceeds through the Mount of Moon the journey is decidedly a sea voyage.

Two lines from the Rascette to the Mount of Saturn crossing each other there says that subject would not return from the second journey. 

A line from Rascette to the Mount of Sun indicates fame acquired from associating with highly placed persons during the travels. 

A line straight to the Mount of Mercury signifies acquisition of sudden wealth.