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Minor Lines – Lines of Marriage or Affection

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The line of Marriage is found on the Mount of Mercury. They run from the percussion towards the centre of the hand.  A number of these lines are seen in some hands.  These lines are absent in some hands. 

The renowned palmist Psycho says that old time palmists have always considered these lines as indications of marriage.  But, he says, it is a misnomer to call them marriage lines. 
The famous French palmist Comte.C. de Saint-Germaine describes these lines as Union or Attachment lines.

Palmist Cheiro who calls these lines Marriage lines explains that the hand does not recognize a mere fact of a ceremony -civil or religious and these lines merely register the influence of people over lives.  Marriage being so important an event in one’s life, it follows that this event can be foretold by the hand. 

Indian palmist Narayan Dutt Shrimali too refers to these lines on the Mount of Mercury as Marriage lines. 

According to Dr. Shrimali there can be three or four lines on the Mount of Mercury, but one line is more prominent than others. 

According to him if these lines are above the Heart line, the subject is sure to get married. 

When there are two or three lines, the line which is the longest and the strongest should be considered as the Marriage line. And the other lines are indicative of possible affairs with others before and after marriage.   

Palmist Psycho says that these lines are seen even in the hands of people who have not married. He says they should properly call them lines of Affection. Which indicate the number of persons of the opposite sex who have made a deep impression on the life of the subject. 

If there are lines of Affection in the hand, it indicates that the subject is susceptible to affairs of the heart and in fact, he or she could be a flirt. The strength of the affection is indicated by the strength of line.
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