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Main lines – what their peculiarities say Line of Saturn or Fate

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The Line of Fate is considered one of the important principal lines on the palm.  It is also called the Line of Saturn because it terminates on the Mount of Saturn. 

It has been observed that this line originates from different places in the hand in the case of different people.  It has no regular starting point. 

The Line of Fate or Saturn is not present in all hands. 

If this line is missing from the hand it does not mean that the life of the subject is a failure.  The absence of this line indicates that the subject does not get any support or co-operation from the family, relatives or friends to come up in life.  Such subject achieve success in life through sheer perseverance and hard work.  So, you would not find this line in the hands of people who are self-made or have achieved success by sheer self-effort.

The character of the fate line provides answers to many questions like:



  • What would be the financial position of the subject?
  • Would he gain wealth, respect and honour and high position in life?
  • Is his life plagued by worries? 
  • Would he able to overcome problems and achieve success?

It has been observed that the Fate line originates and runs differently as follows: 
(1) Originates from above the wrist or above bracelets and run up to the Mount of Saturn – sometimes joining with relay-lines.
(2) Originates from slightly above Life line and proceeds to the Mount of Saturn
(3) Starts from the Mount of Venus
(4) Starts from below the Life line and proceeds cutting the Life line
(5) Originates from the heart line 
(6) Originates from the Head line
(7) Starts from the Mount of Moon 
(8) Rises from the Life line

First (1) Position: This position is considered the best. If the line is deep and faultless, the subject reaches a high position If the line divides into two lines with one line proceeding towards the Mount of Jupiter, the person born into poor circumstances reaches a high position.

(2) Position:  The subject rises to a high position through his own efforts. 
(3) Position:  This position is too favourable.  However, the subject would suffer a serious injury or some other misfortune, If the fate line terminates near the Head line, the subject has to suffer humiliation again and again in life.  If the Fate line proceeds from the Mount of Moon, the subject goes abroad several times. If there is a mark of a star at the end of the Fate line, the subject suffers great difficulties in old age.

(4) Position: some misfortune is indicated if the line cuts Life line at the age signified by the point on the line where the cutting occurs.
(5) position: The subjects lead a negative early life but achieves success later in life after the age of 28.
(6) position:  The efforts of the subject come to fruition at the age of 35.
(7)  position:  The subject achieves success thanks to help or guidance received from a person of the opposition sex 
(8) position:  Success due to the subject’s own efforts, but with a fair measure of help from his own people at the start