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Lines of Influence and secrets they reveal

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We have already discussed in our previous articles the main lines in the hand such as the Lifeline, Heart Line and Headline as well as some important minor lines. 

Apart from the main lines and the so called important minor lines, there are numerous other minor lines found in some hands.  But no Palmistry or Chiromancy expert has so far catalogued and interpreted all these minor lines. But some renowned palmists like Comte C.de Saint-Germaine have studied for interpretation some of these minor lines which are frequently found in hands. 

These lines often found in some hands are called Lines of Influence.

The Lines of Influence are also sub-divided into two categories called Sister Lines and Cross Lines or Lines of Influence proper.



Origin of Lines of Influence
The Cross Lines or the Influence Lines proper start frequently from the inside of the Mounts of Venus and Lower Mars or from the Line of Life and proceed to various points in the hand. The other Lines of Influence originate from the other side of the palm; from the Mounts of Moon and of Upper Mars.  These lines are few in number and they often terminate at or cross the Line of Fate or the Line of Sun.  Several more Lines of Influence are given below.