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Karakamsa – the key to open one’s inner self or soul

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Astro 116

Karakamsa could be a strange term for most students of Astrology. 

Therefore, we consider it necessary to explain what planetary Chara Karakatva are at the outset as an introduction to Karakamsa. 



Chara Karakas
According to Jaimini school of Astrology, an important strand of Vedic Astrology, all planets except Ketu and the newly discovered Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are assigned Chara Karakatva or Chara Karaka status representing certain entities influencing one’s life in accordance with the number of degrees they have traversed in their respective signs or Rashis at the time of one’s birth.

The planet who has traversed the maximum number of degrees in the sign or in other words the planet who is closest to the 30th degree in the sign he occupies becomes Atmakaraka or the Karaka representing the soul. The other karakas in terms of the descending order of the distance covered in the given sign become Amatya-karaka, Bhatru-karaka, Matru-karaka, Pitru-karaka, Putra-karaka, Gnati-karaka and Stri-karaka.



What is Karakamsa?
The karaka that becomes important for us in the immediate context, being the karaka central to our discussion is Atmakaraka who has attained that status by the virtue of being at the highest degree in the given sign. The sign which the Atmakaraka occupies in the Navamsa Chart (Division 9) becomes the Karakamsa. Out of all karakas, Atmakaraka is the most important one for he has the prime say on the native as a king would do over his subjects.  If the Atmakaraka is adverse, the other karakas cannot produce beneficial effects for the native in full measure. By the same token, if the Atmakaraka is beneficial, the other karakas cannot predominate with their malefic influences. 

The planet next to Atmakaraka in importance is Amatya-karaka. The planets assigned other karaka status such as Bhatru, Matru, Pitru, Putra, Gnati and Stri play lesser important roles. 



Provides clue to next level in emancipation 
According to scholars of the Jaimini school of Astrology, Karakamsa determines one’s soul’s ability to reach the next level of emancipation and also gives a clear indication of the native’s spiritual and professional life. Meanwhile, Chara Karaka planets from their positions from the Karakamsa give special effects specific to the Houses and the sings they occupy. 



Swamsa Chart
Predictions based on Karakamsa are made from the reading of the 12-House chart with the Karakamsa –  the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka – as the Lagna. Jaimini scholars call this Swamsa Chart.

We propose to explain in another article the effects Karakamsa produces when it is placed in each of the 12 signs as well as the different effects the planets produce when each of them is positedin the Karakamsa. 



House significations
Prior to explaining to our readers the guidelines for reading the Swamsa Chart, the reader should get familiar with the significations relating to Houses counted from the Chara Karaka planets.  The 9th House counted from the Sun denotes father, 4th from the Moon mother, the 3rd from Mars brothers, the 6th from mercury maternal uncle, the 5th from Jupiter sons, the 7th from Venus, and the 8th from Saturn death. 
(To be continued)