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Karakamsa – the key to open one’s inner self or soul-Part 2

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In the previous article, we described certain elements that come in the Jaimini school of Astrology such as Karakamsa, Chara Karakas and Swamsa Chakra or Chart.

We hope that the readers will remember that the planet who has traversed the maximum number of degrees in the sign or in other words the planet who is closest to the 30th degree in the sign he occupies becomes Atmakaraka or the Karaka representing the soul. The other karakas in terms of the descending order of the distance covered in the given sign become Amatya-karaka, Bhatru-karaka, Matru-karaka, Pitru-karaka, Putra-karaka, Gnati-karaka and Stri-karaka and also the out of all karakas, Atmakaraka is the most important one for he has the prime say on the native as a king would do over his subjects.  If the Atmakaraka is adverse, the other karakas cannot produce beneficial effects for the native in full measure. By the same token, if the Atmakaraka is beneficial, the other karakas cannot predominate with their malefic influences. 



Swamsa Chart
Predictions based on Karakamsa are made from the reading of the 12-House chart with the Karakamsa –  the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka – as the Lagna. Jaimini scholars call this Swamsa Chart.

We propose to explain in this article the effects Karakamsa produces when it becomes each of the 12 signs as well as the different effects the planets produce when each of them is posited in the Karakamsa. 

The effects Karakamsa produces by becoming different signs:
 Aries (Mesha):Possible bites from rats, cats and other animals would be source of fear or nuisance to the native.
Taurus (Vrushabha): Quadrupeds would be either a source of trouble or happiness. Native becomes a businessman.
Gemini (Mithuna): Native becomes fat and stocky and he suffers from skin ailments like eczemas, itches and rashes.  
Cancer (Kataka): Native is assailed by constant fear from contracting leprosy and rabies and from perceived accidents in water.
Leo (Simha): Living in fear of attacks by dogs and other canine animals and wild beasts lions and tigers.
Virgo (Kanya):  Native suffers from burns caused by fire and skin diseases.



Libra (Thula):Native becomes a trader
Scorpio (Vrushika): Native is denied breast-feeding by mother due to a physical disability she is subject to and he is troubled by watery diseases and snakes.
Sagittarius (Dhanu): Native suffers a sudden fall from a height, a moving vehicle or from a high position.

Capricorn (Makara):Native suffers from attacks by aquatic animals and birds and also is troubled by evil spirits, accidents caused by lightening, hailstorms, comets and meteors as well as skin ailments, wounds and tumors. However, he is due to benefit from gains from aquatic creatures, conches and pearls.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Native is devoted to his religion. He engages in altruistic activity and undertakes building temples, pilgrims’ rests and tanks and laying and developing roads and gardens.

Pisces (Meena):  Native leads a religious and righteous life and is well on the way to attain Moksha or final emancipation.
Effects different planets produced when placed in Karakamsa

The Sun: An enthusiastic government or political worker, a good social worker
Full Moon and Venus:An educationist. Leads a life of luxury.

Mars: An expert in metallurgy, weaponry, warfare, combustible engines, manufacture, atomic reactors and occupations related to fire, alchemy or chemistry.

Mercury:  A trader, businessman, a weaver, trader in yarns and textiles, sculptor, a person with business acumen and well versed in social and legal norms.

Jupiter:  A karma yogi whose intelligence makes him stand out in any discipline, a person taking a keen interest in philosophy, religion, a priest well versed in Vedas or scriptures.

Venus: A government official, a politician or a passionate and virile person blessed with a 100 year- life span.

Saturn: A person who is capable of achieving success in any task he undertakes. He gains fame.

Rahu: A hunter or a thief. Earns his living by cheating and working as a spy; skilled in handling poisonous and dangerous chemicals, medicines; engages in manufacturing activities.

Ketu: A thief, a swindler. Earns through elephants. Also represents huge diesel trucks and other transport vehicles; watch repairing, computers and 
other devices.   
(To be continued)