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Important yogas in Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology gives an important place among predictive techniques to yogas or special combinations or configurations of planets in a horoscope. 

Special yogas identified at a glance in a horoscope enables the astrologer reading it make a snapshot judgement of it: whether the native would achieve great success in life or he would remain in poor and humble circumstances till the end of his life, or whether despite being born into very humble circumstances, would achieve success in the course of time by dint of perseverance or under fortuitous circumstances etc.

We propose to familiarize our readers with some important yogas.

Sunapha Yoga: This yoga arises when there is a planet other than the Sun in the second House from the Moon.

Results: Native would earn much wealth and would achieve a very high position. He is intelligent, wealthy and famous. 

Anapha Yoga:  This yoga takes shape when there is a planet other than the Sun in the 12th House from the Moon.

Results: Native becomes a chieftain or a community leader. He is healthy, virtuous and happy.  He would lead a happy and a comfortable life. 

Durudhara Yoga: This yoga is caused when there are planets other than the Sun in both the 2nd and the 12th Houses from the Moon.

Results: Native would enjoy much happiness. He would have much wealth and conveyances at his disposal and many servants at his beck and call.

If Mars is one of the planets causing such a yoga, the native is courageous and wealthy; Mercury would bestow oratorical skills and aptitudes in arts, Jupiter wealth, righteousness, and happiness and respect from rulers, Venus much wealth, comforts and enjoyments.

Vasumati Yoga: This yoga is produced when all benefic planets are placed in the Upachayasthanas 3,6,10 and 11. 

Results:  If all benefics occupy these places, the native would come into possession of immense wealth.  When only two benefics are placed in these places, the native would be moderately wealthy.  If from the Moon or the Lagna one benefic is placed in one of these places, the native would have adequate wealth to lead a reasonably comfortable life.  Even if there are Daridra yogas present, they get cancelled and this yoga becomes prominent. 

Gaja-kesari Yoga: This yoga is caused when Jupiter is placed in a Kendra from the Moon or together in one sign.  It is also formed when the Moon is aspected by a strong Venus Jupiter or Mercury.

Results: A person born fortified with this yoga, would become very powerful, intelligent, virtuous and wealthy and win the respect and the regard of rulers. According to ancient sages, both Jupiter and the Moon should be strong if the yoga is to produce the benefits in full measure. The mere presence of the yoga would not produce the auspicious results if the Dasas of the two planets fail to operate during the life time of the native. 
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