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Human Hand – Trailblazer of Human Civilization The Plain of Mars – The Quadrangle

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Astropalm 115



In the previous article, we explained that the area of the hollow or the depression in the centre of the palm is called the Plain of Mars.

The Plain of Mars is made up of the Quadrangle - the space lying between the space between the lines of Head and Heart – it extends from the Mount of Jupiter to the Mount of Upper Mars -neither Mount included and the Great Triangle which is formed by the Lines of Head, Life and Health.

In the previous article we dealt with the specific characteristics of the Great Triangle and their indications. We propose to deal with the specific characteristics of the Quadrangle and their characteristics in this article.

Specific characteristics of the Quadrangle and their indications are as follows: 

  1. Well-formed and wider towards the percussion:  The subject is very straightforward.
  2. Very wide from one end to the other: Very stubborn to the extent of being foolish. This characteristic presupposes Heart line is too high indicating extreme jealousy and sensuality and the Head line running too low pointing to ill-balanced reasoning power.
  3. Narrow due to the Head line rising towards the Heart line: Narrow minded. Feelings dominate over reason.
  4. Narrow due to Heart line stooping towards the Head line: Mean and illiberal. The reason rules over feelings.
  5. Bulging and well-developed:  The subject has the greed for money but spends it generously. 
  6. Wide with a good Head Line and a well-formed second phalanx of the Thumb:  Broadminded, reasonable and intelligent
  7. Narrow with a poor line of health:  Prone to Asthma and hay-fever.
  8. A cross in the Quadrangle touching the Heart line: the subject comes under the influence of the opposite sex.

A cross in the Quadrangle touching the Head line:  The subject dominates over the other person in love or in friendship.
A square in the Quadrangle: Quick temper, but kind -hearted if the Quadrangle is normally shaped.

(To be continued)