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How a female would make an ideal life-partner

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We are living in an age where there is a growing fascination among peoples in economically advanced countries in particular about democratic liberalism, feminism and human rights. There is also a trend to carry these concepts to extremes and it has shaken somewhat the age-old structure of marriage in the modern society. 

However, in countries in the East like Sri Lanka and India where divorce and a second marriage are frowned upon, marriage is considered most important sacrosanct event in one’s life, if one is to lead a life of a layman.  In fact, person’s life as a man or a woman begins with marriage which is the turning point in life either for the better or the worse. 



Failure in marriage means failure in life
Marriage assumes such unique significance; marriage success has become a synonym for success in life as a whole.  Because we know either through experience or acquired knowledge the failure in marriage also in a sense is failure in life.



Onus is greater on female  
There is a belief in Sri Lankan society that the success of a marriage depends more on woman than on man. One may argue that this statement is a fallacy, taking up the position that both wife and husband are equally responsible for the success of marriage. 

However, due to the common belief that the integrity coupled with good luck of the female partner goes a long way in making marriage a success, the Buddhists and Hindus have come to attach greater importance to obtaining a reading of the horoscope of the bride-to-be.  

In fact, what ancient Vedic astrologers have said in their works about woman has lent strength to this common belief.  For example, according to ancient Rishis in India, marriage to a charming and virtuous woman would nullify all Arishta yogas that the husband is subject to. 



Criteria for judging whether a female is fortunate
A woman is very fortunate if Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are strongly placed in the Natal Chart.  It is equally important to have 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 9th Houses free from malefic influence. It goes without saying that the Lagna should be strong in the first place.   The best planet to occupy the Lagna of a female is the Moon. 

If there are benefic planets placed in the 2nd house and the lord of the 2nd is associated either with benefics or is aspected by benefics, a female native would lead a happy life after marriage.  The 3rd House of the ‘Kama’ Triangle (formed by the 7th, 11th and 3rd Houses) is an important position relevant to marriage. 



Early death of husband
A benefic placed in the 3rd House aspecting the 7th House is very favourable. If the 3rd House is ruled by a malefic and is occupied by a malefic aspected by malefics while the lord of this House is associated with malefics, husband would not live long. 

If the 11th House is also afflicted in a similar manner, a similar fate would befall the husband. 



Factors delaying marriage
Malefics in the 7th House and the lord of the 7th House associated with malefics would delay the marriage. If either Jupiter or Venus aspects a strongly posited Mars occupying the 7th House, the female would be a great beauty who would marry a powerful person occupying a position of authority. 



Combinations ominous for both husband and children
If an afflicted and weak Mars is in the 7th aspected by a malefic, marriage would either break up or be plagued by constant quarrels between wife and husband. 

It is a well-known astrological rule that if Rahu is posited in a Saturn-owned Navamshaka in the 7th House in the Natal Chart of a female, both her husband and children would come to a tragic end. 



Exalted Moon in Lagna confers charm and beauty
A girl would grow into a charming and beautiful woman if Moon is exalted in her horoscope.  An exalted Moon in the 7th House signifies a successful marriage. 

It is Mars and Venus who are responsible for causing an early marriage. The role of Jupiter and the Moon is to ensure that the marriage is a success.