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Hand – Trailblazer of Human Civilization Main lines and what their peculiarities say-Head Line

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The Head line is often found commencing from under the Mount of Jupiter and proceeding across the Plain of Mars sloping towards the Mount of Moon. 

According to experts, there is a close connection between one’s brain and one’s Head line; for the Head line tells the character of one’s mind. In most cases, the Headline slopes towards the Mount of Moon or Luna, but in some cases, the line runs either towards the percussion or towards the Mount of Mercury more or less in a straight line.

What the peculiarities say

A straight Head line in the absence of a Heart line indicates that the subject is cold, heartless and avaricious. A short Head line shows that the subject is not mentally strong. A person has a sound head, a strong sense, and good intellectual faculties if the Head line is of good length, even in depth and clearness and not broken or otherwise defective. A broken, defective, descending and pale line indicates weakness in the mental faculty, headaches, indecision and irresolution.

When the line begins quite apart from the Life line, the subject does not lack self-confidence. In fact, he may possess a measure of self-conceit.

If the Head line is far apart from the Life line, there is a tendency for recklessness. 

The Head line rising from the Mount of Jupiter says that the subject is ambitious, self-confident and self-reliant and he possesses leadership qualities. 

The Head line rising from under the Life line - from the Mount of Lower Mars and proceeding towards the percussion cutting the Life line indicates that the subject is vacillating - one who starts many a thing with a big bang and gradually drops them due to waning interest.

When the Head line rises from the Heart line and merges with it, it shows that sentiment has overcome reason.

The Head line conspicuously sloping towards the Mount of Moon signifies that the subject is influenced by imagination. However, if the line is good, deep, distinct and clear of defects, the sloping is immaterial, and the subject is an author, writer, linguist or a successful professional.

The Head line sloping down on the Mount of Moon and terminating with a ‘Star’ sign indicates insanity. A ‘Cross’ at the termination of the line produces the same effect. Should the line end up with an island, Dot or a Break it indicates that the subject is mentally disturbed. If the Head line ends with a slight fork, it indicates versatility. A deep, well cut Head line indicates mental power, self-control, and fixity of purpose and the possession of a good memory.

A chained Head line says that the subject is weak, vacillating, sensitive and changeable. His memory and judgment are poor, and ideas are impracticable.

If a line branches off the Head line and runs to the end of Mount of Jupiter, the subject is a great writer or an artist.







FIGURE 1: If the Head Line merges with the Life Line at the beginning, life is guided by reasons.
FIGURE 2: Head Line commencing far apart from the Life Line, the subject is reckless.
FIGURE 3: If the Head Line slopes toward the Mount of Moon, the subject is influenced by imagination.
FIGURE 4: If the Head Line is apart from the Life Lone at the beginning, the subject possesses self-confidence. 
FIGURE 5: If the Head Line merges with the Heart Line, sentiments overcome reason.
FIGURE 6: Head Line rising from the Mount of Jupiter subject is self-reliant  and confident.





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