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Facts and myths about dreaded Kuja Dosha

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Misconceptions and misinterpretations

Cases where anxiety is unfounded

No marital happiness sans a strong Mars



Kuja Dosha which means Mars’ blemish or the malefic influence of Mars has been a much discussed subject in astrological circles for ages. 



Houses where Mars causes the blemish 
It is widely accepted that Kuja Dosha arises when Mars is placed in certain Houses in the Rashi Chart. These Houses are the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and the 12th.  



Differences of opinion
Kuja Dosha also widely referred to as Mangalik Dosha or Bhauma Dosha has also been a controversial subject for debate among prominent astrologers in India in particular for years.  These astrologers have differed in their opinion on certain factors causing this Dosha, mitigating and nullifying it depending on their experience in practice and their interpretation of the principles relating to it   enunciated in classical works.  However, they all are one in the conclusion about the arising of this Dosha due to Mars being placed in certain Houses in a Natal Chart.



Misconceptions and misinterpretations
Kuja Dosha, in fact, is a household word for people in this country. It is our experience that misinterpretations relating to the existence of this Dosha continue to cause much unnecessary anxiety to young men and women, young couples in love as well as parents of children in marriageable age in this country. Therefore, it is an imperative for students of Astrology as well as lay persons to have a general understanding about the factors causing Kuja or Bhauma Dosha and those mitigating or nullifying its effects.

The Kuja Dosha both real and perceived may have made the bliss of marriage elusive for umpteen numbers of young men and women in India and Sri Lanka where people set much store by Astrology. 



No marital happiness sans a strong Mars
What is ironic is , however, is that  although Kuja or Mars  can become an enemy  to some young men and women  looking forward to matrimony,  no marriage would be a success either  if Kuja is weak or debilitated  in one’s Natal Chart. For Kuja is the giver of energy, vitality and dynamism without which no marriage could be a success. 

Despite the sharp increase in love marriages in recent times where the practice of matching horoscopes is overlooked, still there are many young men and women who make it a point to have the compatibility with the intended partner assessed by an astrologer before the marriage. 



Cases where anxiety caused unfounded
It is evident from the numerous queries we receive from parents as well as young men and women that Kuja Dosha has caused them much anxiety and in many cases their anxiety is unfounded.  Very often it appears that they are misled by misinterpretations of relevant Astrological principles. 



Factors nullifying and counteracting Kuja Dosha 
When a young couple is looking forward to leading a happy life together, it would be tragic if their treasured dream is shattered by the prospect of Kuja Dosha coming in their way.  However, happily there are many astrological factors that counteract or nullify the Kuja Dosha.



  • Following are some of the planetary positions that neutralize the Kuja Dosha.  
  • Mars receiving the strong aspect of  Jupiter, Venus, strong Moon or Mercury
  • Mars associated with one or more benefics in the same house  or the sign
  • A strong Jupiter occupying the Lagna
  • A benefic occupying a Kendra or a quadrant in exaltation or in his own House
  • Lagnadhipati –the lord of the Ascendant being aspected by benefics without being subjected to the aspect of a malefic or malefics
  • Mars in his own sign Aries or Scorpio
  • Mars in the 4th House when Aquarius is the Lagna
  • The 8th House being where Pisces or Sagittarius sign falls
  • Mars in the 7th House when Cancer or Capricorn happens to be the Lagna
  • Mars in Capricorn or in Leo.