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Death viewed from the perspective of Vedic Astrology

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A competent astrologer can predict the disease which causes the death of a person by the nature of the planet that aspects the 8th House and the part of the body to be affected would be that represented by the 8th House in the Division under the Kalapurusha.

The humour represented by the planet in the 8th House causes the disease that leads to death. If many planets occupy the 8th House, the body would be subject to several attacks resulting from the excess of various humours indicated by such powerful planets leading to death. 

If the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn is in the 8th House, the death would result from fire, water, weapons, fever, chronic disease, thieves, or starvation respectively. 
If the 8th House is a movable, a fixed or a common sign, the death would occur in a foreign place, own place or while travelling. 

Bile or heat would lead to the development of the disease if the House is aspected by the Sun, and if the Moon, wind and bile, if Mars bile and heat, if Mercury, bile, wind and phlegm, if Venus phlegm and wind and if Saturn by wind. 

If no planet occupies the 8th the House or aspects the 8th House, the lord of the House should be considered, and the disease determined by the humours indicated by that planet, says Indian astrologer Dr. Raman. 

According to Ayurveda, the existence of Tridosha, three humours (wind, bile and phlegm) in a state of harmony ensures good health.

Dr. Raman says: “Each Dosha causes certain diseases and the exact nature of the disease from which the person dies should be ascertained with reference to the humour attributed to the planet ruling, posited in or aspecting the 8th house of a horoscope.” 

The Sun causes death by fevers, apoplexy and paralysis. The Moon causes death by watery diseases, drowning, diarrhoea, dysentery, and blood impurities.  Mars brings about death by pneumonia, cholera, plague and such epidemics, haemorrhage, bronchitis, abortion consequent to surgical operation and accidents resulting from gun shots etc.  Mercury causes death by fevers of the brain, small pox, nervous disorders, whooping cough, and assaults.

Jupiter causes death by mental worry, or by some disease which defies diagnosis, pleurisy, liver disease, inflammation of lungs, heart failure, and spasms.

Venus brings about death by excessive thirst, fasting, excessive heat, and venereal diseases. 

Saturn is responsible for death from suffocation, burns, rheumatic fever, paralysis, melancholia and Tuberculosis.

Astrology does not look on death as a misfortune. It considers that a person is fortunate to have a peaceful death. Death is considered a misfortune only for those near and dear to the deceased.