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Conjugal blemishes visible at a glance

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Comparison of horoscopes to ascertain compatibility 



We explained in the two previous articles that it is the general acceptance among savants of Astrology that the Kuta Agreement should not be considered the last word on conjugal compatibility. There can be many other Dosha – blemishes either in one of the two horoscopes involved or in both that could lead to the failure of the marriage due to some physical or mental infirmity, clash of temperaments or the early death of a mate. 

In the previous two articles, we explained the blemishes from 1 to 10. We propose to discuss the remaining Dosha in this article.

11.Shani – Rahu Dosha:  Shani is Saturn and Saturn – Rahu conjunction in a Natal Chart is considered a conjugal blemish that could ruin a marriage.  The mutual aspect between the two planets too causes this blemish. This Dosha can get nullified if the same Dosha is present in the partner’s horoscope as well or if the conjunction comes under a strong beneficial aspect or if it occurs in a sign that makes both Saturn and Rahu strong and beneficial. For example, in Capricorn, where Saturn is Swakshetra and Rahu is strong and therefore, both become favourable.   

12. Vanda Dosha: This blemish causes childlessness. 
This Dosha can occur in four ways:
The 5th lord getting conjunct with Saturn
The presence of weak Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the 5th House
The presence of a debilitated Jupiter
The 5th lord being placed in the 8th House

13. Mandayushka (short life) Dosha:  Saturn is the Ayushkaraka and the 8th House rules Ayurya or longevity. Therefore, the strength of Saturn and the 8th House is primarily relevant in determining longevity. A strong Lagnadhipati and unafflicted Moon too can assure long life. If a marriage is to be a success both partners should enjoy long life. There are many planetary combinations that cause short life. Readers are requested to refer to these combinations given under Vaiwadya Dosha or ‘Kanawemdum’ Dosha. 



If a marriage is to be a success both partners should enjoy long life. There are many planetary combinations that cause short life



14. Venus or the 7th lord being subject to Papakartar Dosha:  This Dosha is caused when Venus or the 7th lord are hemmed between Saturn ad the Sun. Those born with this combination may remain unmarried.   

15. Nashanshaka Dosha: This Dosha occurs when Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and the Sun are placed in certain constellation quarters ruled by them. The Dosha occurs when:
1.Jupiter is placed in the first quarter of Punawasa, Puvaputupa or Visa constellation at birth.
2. Saturn is placed in the second quarter of the Pusha, Anura or Utraputupa constellation  
3.Venus is placed in the third quarter of Berana, Puvasala or Puvapal constellation and 
4.The Sun is placed in the fourth quarter of Kati, Utrapala or Utrasala constellation.
The presence of the Nashanshaka planet in the 7th House indicates a Bahuvivaha Yoga or a combination leading to more than one marriage.
There could be more Dosha in the opinion of the savants 
of Astrology.