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Arudha Pada method in Jaimini Astrology

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Arudha Pada is considered an important technique in predictive astrology. This technique is closely associated with the Jaimini school of Astrology though both Maharishis Parasara and Varahamihara too have dealt with this predictive technique in classical works credited to them. 
However, it appears that Maharishi Jaimini has given greater prominence to Arudha Pada in his Sutras than the other two Rishis in their classical works. For example, the celebrated Indian astrologer Shri P.V. R. Rao says that Maharishi Parasara talks about Arudha in detail in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. 
What is the Arudha concept
Arudha means an image of an object as perceived by others. However, what one may see may not be the reality, but can be an illusion in a deeper sense. 
An Arudha refers to the physical manifestation of a House in a Natal Chart. For example, Arudha of a House represents the tangible manifestation of what others perceive about another individual in real life. 
Houses or Bhavas are considered abstract representations, for example we know that the 5th House represents, among other things, innovative talents and intelligence. And the Arudha of that House would present the tangible products of such innovative talents and intelligence in such forms as the outside world could perceive them.
Some ancient Indian sages have compared Arudha to a mirror and an image of an object. 
Determining Arudha Padas
Arudha Lagna is also referred to as Arudha Pada or Pada. The method followed for determining the Arudha Lagna and other Arudha Padas are as follows: 
Count the signs from the Lagna up to the sign where the lord of the Lagna is positioned and again count the same number of signs from that up to the House that marks the last sign of the second count. The House that corresponds with the last sign of the second count is the Arudha Lagna. Following example is given to facilitate your understanding the methodology used to determine the Arudha Lagna.
Say that the Rashi or the sign of the Lagna (Ascendant) of a Natal Chart we have picked for determining the Arudha Padas is Gemini and its lord Mercury is found occupying the Libra sign. You have to count five signs from the Lagna to arrive at the sign where Mercury is positioned. You have to count the same number of signs from Libra to arrive at the Arudha. Once you have counted another five signs from Libra you will find that you have arrived at the Aquarius sign in the 9th House from the Lagna. Therefore, Arudha Lagna in this Natal Chart falls in the 9th House. 
We have to follow the same method for determining Arudha Pada 2. Say the sign of the 2nd House of our Natal Chart is Cancer and its lord Moon is placed in the Sagittarius sign in the Chart. You must count up to six signs to arrive at the sign where the Moon is placed. So, we have to count yet another six signs from there to arrive at Arudha Pada 2.
You have to follow the same method in calculating the other Arudha Padas, but you have to deviate from this method when an Arudha Pada of a House falls in the Lagna itself or in the 7th House from it. Before dwelling on the calculations involved in the case of such deviations, we wish to familiarize our readers with the 12 Padas in the Arudha scheme. 
Specific names of Arudha Padas
A1   Arudha Lagna  Pada Lagna 
A2 Dhanarudha, Vittarudha, Dhana Pada, Vitta Pada
A3 Bhatru Pada, Bhratripada, Vikramarudha, Vikrama Pada
A4 Matru Pada Vahana Pada, Sukha Pada, Matrarudha, Vahanarudha, Sukharudha
A5 Mantrapada, Mantraudha, Putraudha, Putra Pada, Buddhi Pada
A6 Roga Pada, Satru Pada, Rogarudha, Satrarudha
A7 Dara Pada, Daraudha
A8 Mrityu Pada, Kashta Pada, Kashtaudfha, Randraudha
A9 Bhagya Pada, Bhagyarudha, Pitri Pada, Pitrarudha
A10 Karma Pada, Karmarudha, Swarga Pada, Swargaudha, Rajya Pada
A11 Labha Pada Labarudha
A 12 Upapada Lagna, Upapada, Gaunapada, Vyayarudha, Moksha Pada 
(To be continued)  


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