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An important aspect of Predictive Astrology

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In our previous article on the above topic we discussed the significance of prognosticating disease as well as the parts of the human body governed by each of the 12 signs and Houses and also the body parts and diseases ruled by the nine planets.         
We reminded our readers that Astrology is not Fatalism in that it does not say that something predicted by a study of planetary influences is inevitable. And the main purpose of Astrology is to predict a possible a misfortune or a fortune in advance to ready the native to meet the situation. If it is some misfortune, a maraka, a disease or some other misfortune such as loss of wealth or a fatal accident, the native could take timely action to avert the eventuality or mitigate its adverse effect. 
In the previous article we discussed the planetary combinations that could cause specific diseases. In this article, we propose to illustrate how the influences of planets come into play in causing one particular disease as per principles explained in this series of articles. The disease we selected is Diabetes Mellitus, a very common disease afflicting a large number of people in every part of this world today. 
What is Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes results from the disorder of insufficient production of or of reduced sensitivity to INSULIN.  Insulin synthesized in the ISLETS of Langerhans is necessary to metabolize Glucose. In Diabetes blood sugar levels increase and the excess sugar is excreted in the urine. Symptoms of the disease are increased urine output, thirst, weight loss and general physical weakness.  Complications resulting from untreated Diabetes are heart disease, kidney disease and nerve disorders especially in legs and feet. 
Factors causing Diabetes
The parts of the body involved in this disease are liver, pancreas and bowels which are governed by Jupiter and the Sun respectively.  Sugar is ruled by Venus and sweet water elements by the Moon. Virgo sign and the 6th House denotes the part of the body which is the seat of the disease.  Diabetes being associated sugar; Venus becomes a strong Karaka for the disease. Afflicted Venus and Jupiter or Moon and Jupiter associated with the afflicted Virgo sign, the 6th House, the 6thlord and the Sun, therefore could cause the disease. 
Now that we have discussed how planets are involved in causing Diabetes, let us proceed to familiarize ourselves with several planetary combinations that indicate the possibility of falling victim to the disease.
  • A strong malefic posited in the 8th House when Jupiter and Venus are afflicted.
  • A strong malefic posited in the Ascendant when Venus and Jupiter are afflicted.
  • A malefic Venus occupying the Lagna or a Dusthana (6th, 8th, or the 12th House).
  • Malefics aspecting the 8th House when an afflicted Venus is posited in it. 
  • Venus is in the 6th House aspected by Jupiter from the 12th House.
Above combinations do not constitute the final word on prognosticating Diabetes. They are only guidelines and a conclusion should be reached after assessing the Natal Chart as a whole.