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A rare celestial event heralds the birth of a great religious or political leader

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Three powerful Pravurjya yogas and a powerful Rajayoga are due to arise when the Moon enters the Sagittarius sign in the Zodiac at 7.36 am on November 28 pointing to the birth of a great religious or political leader in the country.The Moon’s ingress into the Sagittarius sign will also lead to the arising of several other auspicious yogas and the formation of a five-planet conjunction which itself is a powerful Pravurjya Yoga.



Moon- Jupiter -Saturn – Venus- Ketu combination in Sagittarius
The Moon will move into the Sagittarius sign at 7.36 am on November 28 when Swakshetra Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Ketu are also posited in it. It is noteworthy that the Moon is due to enter Sagittarius at a time it has gained much strength due to its lord Jupiter occupying it. As for the other occupants of the sign, both Saturn and Ketu are quite comfortable in Sagittarius and Venus is a natural benefic which would produce good results in any sign. This means the Pravurjya Yoga arising from this planetary combination is very strong.



Moon in Sagittarius from Nov: 28 to 30
The Moon is due to leave the Sagittarius sign for Capricorn at 2.30 pm on November 30 and two Pravurjya Yogas and several special auspicious yogas remain effective while the Moon transits in the Sagittarius sign.   



How the Pravurjya Yogas formed
The Moon and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius aspecting the Arudha Lagna and Jupiter as the lord of the 10th House with four other planets generate the two other Pravurjya Yogas.
It is also noteworthy that the Tapasvi Yoga that makes the native dedicated, selfless and inclined to lead an austere life which the five-planet combination gives rise to, lends additional strength to the Pravurjya Yogas.



Special auspicious yogas
Some of the other auspicious special yogas arising from the five-planet conjunction are as follows: