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Renowned comedian Tennyson Cooray bids farewell to life

29 Sep 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Sheain Fernandopulle  

One of Sri Lanka’s best-known comedians, Tennyson Cooray passed away at the age of 68 while receiving treatment at the National Hospital, Colombo yesterday.  

Hospital sources said he had been receiving treatment at the National Hospital since last week and added he had refused to insert a stent when doctors recommended doing so, considering his health condition.  Meanwhile, family sources said the date of final rites is yet to be decided and added the body will be lying at his residence in Willorawatta, Moratuwa.  

Tennyson, who was born and bred in Willorawatta, Moratuwa, entered the film industry in 1987 with the film Nommara Ekai directed by Dinesh Priyasad.  

From then onwards, Tennyson appeared in more than 60 films including, Re Daniel Dawal Migel, Hitha Honda Pisso, Somy Boys, Parliament Jokes, Kolompoor, Supiri Andare, Kiwwada Nahi Nokiwwada Nahi, Jundai Gundai, Thank You Berty, Wada Bari Tarzan and Jeewithe Lassanai.