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Rapid Antigen tests back at exit points of WP

27 Jan 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Those who are re-entering the Western province will not be subjected to tests

  • Random tests may start as early as today at WP borders
  • People urged to cooperate or face legal action
  • Teams will be deployed at any given time during day and night
  • Tests will conducted only on those departing the WP 


Random rapid antigen tests will be conducted at the exit points of the Western Province on individuals exiting from January 28 to Feb. 1 to detect any person who maybe infected with the COVID-19 virus, Army Chief and Head of the National Operations Center for Prevention of COVID-19, General Shavendra Silva told Daily Mirror yesterday.   

However even today, teams may be allocated to stand at the 11 exit points of the Western Province to detect any possible infected individuals, Silva said.   
If a large number of patients are detected within this time period, random tests at the borders of the Western Province will continue until further notice.   
The Daily Mirror learns that teams will not stand at the borders at specific times but they will be allocated at any given time of the day or night.   
People have been urged to cooperate if not face legal action.   

Officials said the tests will be conducted only on those departing the Western Province and those re-entering the province will not be subjected to tests.   

According to health officials, the Western Province continues to be a hot bed for the COVID-19 infection and people have been encouraged not to cross the borders to prevent a further spread of the pandemic.   

According to Health officials, despite repeated requests, thousands of people crossed the borders of the province during the festive season and the Thai Pongal weekend and as a result small clusters had developed in many other districts. 

The Public Health Inspectors Union have repeatedly urged authorities to seal the borders and prevent district to district travel in all nine provinces fearing that more clusters can emerge if travel restrictions are not imposed.   

Till last evening, the total COVID-19 patient count in Sri Lanka surpassed the 59,000 mark while the active patient count had surpassed 8,200.