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Protesters Want dagoba conservation in Kanniya stopped

17 Jul 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • Tense situation after group led by TNA MPs S. Sridaran and S. Yogeshwaran attempt to enter site



By Amadoru Amarajeewa  

A tense situation was reported at the archaeological site at Kanniya in Trincomalee where the hot water springs are located after a group of protesters led by TNA MPs S. Sridaran and S. Yogeshwaran attempted to forcibly enter the site protesting against the conservation of a Dagoba.

Visitors to the hot water springs were trapped for several hours after the police closed down the entrance roads with barricades.  

Security in the area was strengthened with additional STF and army personnel and anti-riot squad being deployed in the area to control the situation.  

The protesters said there had been a Shiva Devalaya close to place where the Dagoba is located.  

The police had obtained a court order banning any protests in the area after receiving information that two groups were organizing protests.  

However, the protesters attempted to forcibly enter the site despite the court order which led to the tense situation. 



Pic By Amadoru Amarajeewa