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Pakistan infuriated by Afghan envoy’s comments

29 Oct 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

The Pakistan High Commission in Colombo protested over comments made by the Afghan Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ashraf Haidari to the Daily Mirror, where he had said that Taliban-produced drugs are entering Sri Lanka through Pakistan.   

The High Commission said in a statement that it learned regrettably that the Afghan Ambassador to Sri Lanka in his recent interview to a local newspaper has made certain reference to Pakistan which is an attempt to misguide and mislead the citizens of a friendly country.   

“Undoubtedly, Pakistan has been a frontline country in global fight against terrorism and in the process has suffered like no other country in the world. This pivotal and leading role of Pakistan against terrorism has been acknowledged globally. Unfortunately, Pakistan itself continues to suffer at the hands of terrorists having safe havens in ungoverned spaces of Afghanistan. Those terrorists have been playing havoc in different parts of Pakistan especially in tribal areas and Baluchistan,” the High Commission said.  The High Commission said that Afghanistan is the world’s largest narcotic producer as per the NATO report, adding that its warlords and warring factions of its society have been thriving on drug trafficking business.  “Drug trafficking is a serious crime and Pakistan has taken numerous steps to halt narcotic trade. However, sadly the fencing process has been interfered and disrupted from the Afghanistan side. Being origin of the narcotic production, lion’s share responsibility remains on Afghanistan Government to take concrete steps in eradicating poppy cultivation from its country, which statics show has increased under present government as compared to the Taliban regime,” the High Commission said.