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Cabinet Decisions

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Recruitment to the  Grade 1, 2 and 3 of the  Sri Lanka Principals’  Service. 

For the recruitment to the Grade 1, 2 and 3 of the Sri Lanka Principals’ Service there are about 4,600 vacancies in the Service at the present and it has been observed that it will take more than a year to conduct a competitive examination and structured interview and make formal appointments due to the prevailing Corona pandemic in the country.  

Taking these facts into consideration, the Cabinet Ministers had approved the proposal tabled by the Education Minister to take necessary measures to select and appoint qualified candidates to the grade of the Sri Lanka Principals’ Service by giving opportunity to qualified officers of the teaching service who have been acting and covering the duties of principals for a long term and other officials who meet the qualifications according to the service minute by a structured interview instead of conducting a competitive examination which only confined to this occasion.  



Agreement on the  corporation and mutual administrative  assistance on the  customs activities  between Sri Lanka and  Turkey.  

Sri Lanka has already entered into agreements with several selected trade partnership countries including India, Pakistan and China in association of the customs activities and mutual administrative cooperation.  
It has been proposed to enter into a similar agreement between Sri Lanka and Turkey too with the objective of facilitating for legal trade across recognised procedures with transparency, minimising the cost for trade in between the two countries and prevention of narcotic drug trafficking.  



Re - naming the Centre for  Non - Destructive Testing as  the National Centre for Non —  Destructive Testing.  

The institute of Non- Destructive Testing Certification, carries out non -destructive experiment training while promoting testing services and operates as an independent authority under Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board for certifying non -destructive experimental qualifications and personnel in terms of the international standards.  
 A non -destructive testing certification national institute should be established by every country in order to obtain an international recognition for non -destructive experiments training and certification.  



Establishment of a committee for the development of rubber cultivation and its affiliated industries in Sri Lanka.  

The global demand for sanitary devices including the hand- gloves that are manufactured using rubber has been greatly increased due to the prevailing global pandemic situation of COVID- 19 and therefore, a national requirement has arised to manufacture raw rubber locally to cater the demand for rubber - based products in the country.  
It has been recognised of establishment of a coordinating committee implemented consolidating planters and industrialists encouraging the local rubber industry in a joint endeavour of both state and private sector institutions directly linked with the manufacturing raw rubber as well as rubber manufacturing industries.