Presidential elections: Contest between Kids of ‘15 and Veterans of ‘56

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In the South, children of good governance overwhelmed the descendants of nationalism. Presidential elections were a contest between the Kids of 2015 and Veterans of ’56. Heirs of ‘56 stood steadfastly behind their leadership on conviction in defeat. Impatient kids of 2015 left ‘Yahapalana’ regime in disgust after victory. Sincerity of both sides is beyond doubt.   

 Nationalists won the war over terrorism while good governance is irritably searching for a single conviction on corruption. Reason - Nationalism arises from mind and heart; good governance comes via textbooks and seminars. Descendants of 2015 are more fertile in the prevailing conditions while the offspring of ’56 are a dying breed unless Wigneswaran and Sampanthan revitalises the embryo with their ongoing stupid acts.  

North desired to downsize the rejoicing South and avenge the defeat of its home-sprung bad boy, their lad. Feeling of misplaced pride is common in defeat, where terrorism was configured as nationalism. TNA feeds their voters on this diet, to keep the main communities apart and pocket the Northern vote.   

Gruesome deeds of the LTTE were discounted by the Northerners; provided it did not hurt their homeland people if the incidents occurred in the despised alien South.To the Northerners, Southerners are as aliens as Afghans, Kurds or Syrians, during the war.   

Not so to the dismayed Colombo Tamils that voted for UNP, but supported the LTTE clandestinely whenever they overran the defence forces; unavoidable, on a study of primitive tribal values.   
Tamils in the South are no different to the Sinhalese or Muslims. They are affable, sincere, friendly and intelligent; at least, the majority of them. Near ideal harmony exists among the poverty-stricken living in the ‘gardens of Colombo’-- differences have disappeared until a rabble-rouser ignites a fire. Differences simmer more in the upper echelons with competition, greed and jealousy being factors.   

When Colombo Tamils saw carnage exercised against innocent civilians or babes sleeping soundly on mats or kid monks on pilgrimage, by the LTTE, during the war never uttered a word either way. Mindful that ruthless forces were in the field and life was not safe for talkative Tamils -- like Lakshman Kadirgamar or Dr. Neelan Thiruchlvam. Understandable as life was cheap and law and order was not in proper place. Hark back to the past, to forget lapses, if we are to go forward. Will the TNA now condemn or condone or compliment acts of the LTTE? Are we living among ‘Dr. Do Nothings’?   

The South without a political divide -- condemned the last regime openly for with holding evidence that surfaced in bringing the likes of Duminda Silva to justice.   
No Tamil from Colombo would go to the extreme Wickramabahu (brilliant first class from Peradeniya in Engineering and a product of Ananda College (1956), bedrock of Sinhala Buddhist ‘Madrasa’) or sensible moderates such as Rohan Edirisinghe, rational at most times (eminent University Senior Lecturer in Law) or practical Chandra Jayaratne (last working worthy of the partly defunct Friday Forum) or the un-calibrated words of giddy wisdom emanating from the lips of Chandrika Kumaratunga. Sinhalese at various times speak passionately in favour of diverse Tamil subjects.   

Do Colombo Tamils surface to speak in support of the country, which they genuinely love, when taken to task unreasonably by foreign agents on the instigation of the Tamil diaspora or TNA. Do they fault mavericks like Wigneswaran or instil sense into sensible Abraham Sumanthiram, a lay Methodist preacher, wandering off-track? Leave the more genuine Northerners out of the equation after placing them in charge of waveringWigneswaran, in a goofy appointment. Northerners earn a bad name among the southern masses on account of his desire to score cheap debating points.   
Only Colombo Tamils can tame the TNA and navigate them to reality.   

Does the TNA whole-heartedly support the reconciliation process as most Sinhalese and Tamils in the South do (except the extreme elements) in an effort to build a coordinated society, if their conduct/words are analyzed?Are Colombo Tamils acting on their conscience or manipulated by the TNA?Who runs the TNA? Christian/Catholic Tamils and Sinhalese should take leadership in the reconciliation process as they seek blessings seated on the same pew while culturally Buddhists and Hindus are cousins if they forget their national identities.   

My gut feeling is during the war Tamils gained/survived by keeping mum on the pretext of fear: fair enough. They now continue with that same syndrome to get more of the best from many worlds. Don’t get ostracized as the whispering may soon turn to a groan.Rights walk hand-in-hand with Obligations.   

Colombo Tamils sealed their mouths with a war in their midst. Now, know well there is no serial discrimination practised against Tamil. Discrimination invisibly exists in any democratic society including Jaffnawhere caste plays a major role.   
TNA talks of Human Rights forgetting the blood and toil expended by the security forces that enabled them to have an unimpaired platform to ventillate their grievances forgetting the hide and seek they played in the times of the LTTE. TNA went into hiding abroad and came back to mollycoddle the tigers, after assassination of their leadership, to hold a place in politics. Did the TNA ever celebrate with the Tamils in the North when the people were liberated from dreaded terrorism? They will say it was not a cause for celebration. That establishes the point elaborated- The Tamil leadership just keeps asking for more and more giving none in return.   

A wrong conclusion may be drawn on Colombo Tamils on a plausible interpretation (a) found terrorism tolerable provided they were not at the receiving end while the innocent Sinhalese, Muslims and some Tamils of the North were (b) did not mind, disintegration under a sole dictatorship, that stole northern kids to make them child soldiers while their children were safe living among other communities (c)weep for widows of Mahavira Families but showed no sympathy towards innocent Sinhala village girls slaughtered by the LTTE in remote hamlets on the borders 
of provinces.   

 Colombo Tamils maintained strict silence justifiably in the gory days but the continuing stoic silence, in times of peacewith preference to remain neutral with leanings, make them look self-centered.   
 This government has done sufficient to please the Tamils but where is thereciprocity by Tamils to accelerate the reconciliation process. Don’t leave it to the TNA as they need to condition minds in sowing the seeds of hatred to extract the bulk vote in the north.   

I am no supporter of this government holding two mind sets: pre war and post war. Damn governments: look out to a higher call in saving the nation. Nothing was possible until terrorists were eliminated: indeed grateful to Mahinda Rajapakse for ushering genuine peace.   
After 2009 comes the post war sequence with the Rajapaksas elevated to royalty and the North votes overwhelmingly for Fonseka! Double standards.   
 We must move towards the concept of a one nation: be one people safeguarding our culturally distinct identities fostering our respective civilization that meets at a singular point - makes a nation stronger.Speak for the country and not for the government.   

It was the monolithic Tamil vote streaming throughout the country that brought Sirisena to power but needs to combine with the UNP to retain the Tamil vote, as they prefer Wickremasinghe and Samaraweera [UNP]’ more reliable than the boys from the SLFP. If Sirisena comes with the hand symbol unless shaded with gaudy green will come a poor third.There could be arrangements within arrangements to make symbols insignificant. In a few districts UNP might contest under the hand symbol.Sirisena needs the UNP support while Wickremesinghe can keep smiling if the SLFP is divided. Local government election is to learn an un-learnt lesson. Sirisen as’s candidates will not enhance the UNP pile ofvotes, as they do not attract SLFP vote cohabiting with the UNP.It will be worse for Sirisena at national elections.   

TNA and their exclusive Tamil Talk overdone can place the SLFP back in the saddle provided they can find a leader acceptable to both fractions. Injudicious glib talk of Wigneswaran – revolving man on seasonal change -does more good for the Joint Opposition than the temple walks - around of Mahinda Rajapaksa impliedly defending his family that does not attract the middle society.   
Do the Tamils of Colombo desire to have the best of things by being everybody’s sweetheart? If committed Colombo Tamils take the lead they are the ideal pacemakers in effecting reconciliation butcontributes little desiring instead not to trample the toes of any. They love Sri Lanka but that love is inward looking, as it is not articulated at the proper time, at the proper place. More bonhomie is met at the Tamil Union than in the stuffy Sinhalese Sports Club. They cheer lustily for Sri Lanka unlike their brethren in the diaspora. Diaspora suffers from complexes, living in exile without glory. Not all but most.Don’t waste time on such but take the few who support a peaceful co existence unless the Ministers seek excuses for jaunts. 

Tamils of Colombo are toilet-trained to talk to please the hearer rather than ventilate a positive point of view effectively - privately or publicly, in the dignified diplomatic tone.Few speak but become silent after accepting high office. Shame.   
Test your experience if you are not a fanatical Sinhalese or Muslims. Colombo Tamils are intellectually alive to an exchange of views on any sensitive subject in privacy and reach a common plank because singularly they are reasonable people. 

They are no humbugs to bring R2P and import Gareth Evans through the back door.Yet, how many will articulate a point accepted in private in public. Understandable, in the times of the terrorists, for the fear of repercussion, but no longer a valid excuse, when a lasting peace prevails.   
A friendly handshake of value needs the tight grip of two 
distinct palms.   

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