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Don't copy my action- Malinga

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Lasith Malinga is a unique cricketer in many ways. It is not just his slinging action that is a standout feature; he's probably the only cricketer in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) who has hardly attended more than a couple of practice sessions and still stands out as the highest wicket-taker of the tournament with 20 scalps in eight matches.

The exciting Sri Lankan believes in being match fit and prefers to rest well in between games. Malinga spared some time on the eve of Mumbai Indians' clash with Royal Challengers Bangalore to talk to MiD DAY on a host of things.

Excerpts from the interview:

How would you describe your five years in IPL?

It has been good. The crowds keep cheering; so many people come for the matches. I have learnt how to handle the pressure now.

You are the most popular bowler in Mumbai...

People cheer performers. If I don't play well tomorrow, they will not cheer for me. That is how cricket is. If someone else starts performing well, they will cheer him.

You invariably end up being the best bowler in every IPL. How do you maintain your consistency?

I don't think I am the best bowler. I like to play with some pressure... either in the beginning, in the first Power play or in the end with a few overs left. Every time I bowl with pressure. All I think about is taking wickets.

How tough is it to consistently bowl those yorkers?

It is tough. If you want to be a journalist, you have to be a trainee and learn things. Same is with bowling. If you want to bowl yorkers and short deliveries, you have to train hard.

Can you tell us a bit about your training sessions?

I am 28 now, and looking to play for another two or three years. I cannot run much or train hard now after the knee injury, but I try to maintain my skills and fitness levels. I don't go much to the gym. Whenever I am fit, I directly play a match. It is very important for bowlers to maintain bowling fitness. I have that and know how to manage it. I trained very hard when I was 20-21 and did a lot of running.

You are again in the reckoning for the Purple Cap...

I never set any such targets. I only look to take as many wickets as I can. That is my mindset.

What would you tell youngsters trying to copy your action?

Don't do that! Nobody should imitate anyone. Every individual is unique and has his own style. One must develop it. Only then will you be effective. You can copy me, but there's no point. You have to be accurate. I have come up my own way. It's (slinging) my natural action. I never developed it.

There will be a new auction at the next IPL. How much value do you put on yourself?

I don't know if I will be playing in the next IPL or no. I only concentrate on my next match. I don't know how much my value is... they (team bosses) will decide it.

Does the 2011 World Cup final loss still haunt you whenever you enter the Wankhede Stadium?

I got Sachin (Tendulkar) and (Virender) Sehwag's wicket in the final. I enjoy playing here. Before the (2011) World Cup final, I played in the IPL and got a lot of support here. I'm happy. It is quite similar for me... playing in India or Sri Lanka.

Tell us about your hairstyle...

I just apply colour to my hair. If anyone else would have done it, people would have made fun of them. Just because I am a cricketer, it becomes stylish. (NDTV Sports)


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-17+83 # Bigfoot 2012-05-09 14:36
Do not copy him please.
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-6+22 # Sanga 2012-05-10 11:40
ya, don't copy his HAIR Style
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-8+199 # mitin 2012-05-09 14:42
too late malinga.... ppl have already copied ur action and they are practicing by throwing stones at protests!!!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-39+40 # Kondebandapucheena 2012-05-09 15:29
Please you play for IPL at least another Srilankan will get a chance
in lankan Team.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-0+0 # saabith 2012-08-29 14:02
you have revealed ur talents to Indian team, no longer a trumpcard for SL ODI matches. pls do ur IPL career dont play well for the nation. Thankyou and definilty no one shd imitate this !!!!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-114+19 # Cricketer 2012-05-09 15:30
He should not be playing in the first place, he is a NO BOWLER, bad influence to the kids, the only way he should have been allowed to enter the cricket ground as a cheer leader. LMAO.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-8+66 # Bagalawathee 2012-05-09 15:48
God bless you Malinga. Hope you can play for many more years.LOL
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-5+44 # Nodrog 2012-05-09 16:15
Even if any one does it will still be a copy only.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-42+57 # Black Mamba 2012-05-09 16:54
It is not your action that we are afraid will be copied but your attitude towards your country that you presently have which we hope and pray will not be emulated by anyone else!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-11+19 # Denver Pereira 2012-05-10 10:33
well said Black Mamba....I agree with you...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-6+16 # CricketLover 2012-05-10 10:45
What attitude??
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-3+25 # Motta Rala 2012-05-09 18:32
Better if we can thow/sling stones at those who deserve it..I can name many who even dont deserve stones thrown at them, but live in glass houses and palaces, with mud all over them..
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-92+18 # RAJU 2012-05-09 18:40
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-7+29 # Champika SL 2012-05-10 08:32
May God Bless You Malinga...You are the perfect finding in the World Cricket....there will be millions of people saluting you for the tremendous confidence you show up with and will admire your ability...some jeolloussy people with no idead of the sport nor the toughness of the game will blame at you talking about money you generate....

As a Sri Lankan it is so great and proud to see you are performing in every single match and you make us and all sri lankans proud....

You and Dilantha Malegamuwa are one of the few sortsmen who make Sri Lanka proud while no support offered from Sri Lanka, but sstill don't worry we all are with you sir...May Good Health let you play cricket for the wwhole next decade...All the Triple Gem Will Bless you malinga....Keep up the best...!!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-5+10 # CricketLover 2012-05-10 10:47
Well said!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-4+22 # William Rosh 2012-05-10 09:05
What's said & done,we are really proud as Sri Lankans,because of people like you,Murali,Sana th,Mahela & Sanga
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-2+22 # Lal Suranjith 2012-05-10 11:04
william rosh dont forget Aravinda & Arjuna, Vas etc...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-5+8 # Chandler 2012-05-10 11:36
Better be quick in registering your bowling action for copyrights!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-17+12 # Gayan Samarasekara 2012-05-10 11:43
Malinga has already copied it from Jeff Thompson.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-39+13 # Slinger 2012-05-10 11:53
Yes chuckers action should not be copied.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-1+3 # .... 2012-05-11 07:54
Wishing you all the very best Mali... God bless!!!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-0+3 # dilhana 2012-05-12 06:32
you are not special cricketer. special cricketers always think about playing for their countries before playing for leauges
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Rarely seen bunch
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