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Lankan loses memory after assault by Moroccan wife

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A Sri Lankan expatriate has partially lost his memory after an alleged assault by his Moroccan wife in Riyadh, the Sri Lankan Embassy said yesterday.

Piyal Ratnapala, 54, has been living with his 29-year-old Moroccan wife Shaim after they got married five years ago in Riyadh. According to the embassy, the woman stabbed Ratnapala several times with a kitchen knife as he was leaving their apartment. It is believed that a domestic dispute was the cause of the attack.

Ratnapala has been living in the Kingdom for more than a decade.

Following Ratnapala’s discharge from the hospital, a good Samaritan dropped him off at the Sri Lankan Embassy.

Police arrested Shaim following the attack. She apparently told the police she did not remember what she did to her husband in a fit of rage.

Confirming the attack, Sri Lankan Labor Counselor Anura Muthumala told Arab News that Ratnapala is currently in the mission’s custody as he had partially lost his memory.

“He can remember a few things but when we ask questions, he is unable to answer properly since he cannot remember everything,” the official said.

Muthumala said Ratnapala had been insisting his wife should not penalized and should be set free. “But the law does not work that way,” he added.

The embassy has been trying to repatriate the victim but Ratnapala's employer refuses to release him, fearing it could entangle them an unwanted financial dispute with his wife if she claims compensation. He said police have to close the case before the repatriation process begins.

Sources said Ratnapala had a pre-nuptial agreement with his wife to pay SR100,000 to her in case if he wanted to divorce her.

Arab News learned that Ratnapala is married in Sri Lanka and has two daughters and a son. (Arab News)


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