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Effects Venus produces in the 12 Bhavas

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The planet of Love and Beauty – Part 3


In 1st Bhava or Lagna: An attractive appearance and a magnetic personality
In 5th House:  attractive children, mostly girls
In 7th House: a charming wife or a devoted husband
In 9th House: High office in the state 
In 12th House: Unhappy love affairs


By A. S. Fernando
In the previous two articles, we mainly discussed the results Venus produces in signs. 
We propose to discuss in this article the effects Venus produces when he is in each of the 12 Bhavas or Houses.


Attractive appearance
Native born when Venus is in the 1st House or Lagna is attractive and pleasing in appearance. The person is endowed with a magnetic personality. Native in his lifetime would not suffer severe physical pain, loss of wealth or deprivation. If the native is a female, she would be vivacious and skilled in fine arts. Native would be an expert mathematician, artiste or a writer. If Venus is in his own sign or exalted, the good effects would increase manifold.

 If a strong Venus occupies the 2nd House, the person would be a poet. If Jupiter conjoins Venus, there would be much wealth and learning. A male native would get a charming wife. The subject would enjoy delicious drinks and sumptuous meals. But if the 2nd House falls in Sagittarius (Dhanu), marriage might not be a success.


Skills in arts and a good home 
Venus in the 3rd House bestows skills in arts, affection and regard for brothers and sisters, high recognition in society, a bright intellect and help from neighbors and relatives. Venus in the 3rd also gives enjoyable short journeys. 

In the 4th House, Venus gets Digbala. Among the good results to come from Venus in the 4th House are gains due to inheritances, a good home, home comforts, comfortable conveyances, an affectionate mother, success in educational pursuits.


 If a strong Venus occupies the 2nd House, the person would be a poet. If Jupiter conjoins Venus, there would be much wealth and learning. A male native would get a charming wife


Attractive children, many daughters
The 5th Bhava is also a good place for Venus. Venus in the 5th gives attractive children, mostly daughters, happiness, affable manners, gains from speculation, knowledge and a sharp intellect. When Venus is in the 5th males are attracted to females and females to males.


Faithful servants
Venus in the 6th is not powerful. Venus in this bestows faithful servants and good health. This position is not favourable for father. If the sign is Libra or Capricorn, Venus produces very good results like elimination of foes and redemption from debts.


A charming wife 
Venus being the Karaka of the 7th House at times gives in excess what that House represents. A male would get a charming and persevering wife and a female a devoted husband. Venus also confers popularity, gains from business partnerships, and a happy married life. If in Capricorn, the native may develop extra marital relations and there would be danger to the spouse if in Scorpio and Venus would make the wife barren if associated with Sun in the 7th House.

Venus is the least harmful in the evil 8th House. Venus in the 8th House poses danger to mother, but assures gains from marriage and a peaceful death.


Leaning towards a righteous living
The 9th Bhava is a very favourable place for Venus. Venus in the 9th bestows a high office in the state, an inclination towards a righteous living, love of religion, artistic talents, and travels abroad, pilgrimages. Venus in the 9th is very favourable for father. 

The 10th is also a good place for Venus. Venus in the 10th gives a high position in the state, a wife from an affluent family, career success, help from superiors, gains from occupations and general prosperity.


Popularity and many friends
Venus in the 11th produces very favourable results. Large profits from business, a good pay from occupation, an aptitude for literary work, joy of the company of beautiful women, much popularity, and many friends come from Venus in the 11th.

The 12th House is not a favourable House for Venus, for any planet for that matter. Venus in the 12th portends unhappy love affairs, secret intimacies with women, and an excessive desire for sexual pleasures. A strong Venus in the 12th, say for example in the Libra sign makes the native a popular social worker and he would receive benefits from paternal uncles and aunts.




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