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Wilson Gunaratna’s Charitha Atak: One has to see it to believe ...

When my collegue Dr. Ineke Postkoke heard that I was preparing to go on holiday with my family and friends to Sri Lanka, she said that before I return I should see the political satire ‘Charitha Atak’ by the Internationally acclaimed Actor Wilson Gunaratne.  I told her that I had seen it 5 years ago before my migration to Holland, and at that time I thought it was the best political satire that I had seen, and I was certainly going to see it this time around as well, as I heard that it was an upgraded version of the current political scenario

During our stay in Sri Lanka we made several inquiries about this play and were informed that there was a performance at the Bishops College Auditorium on the 10th of October 2O10 at 7.00 pm. After much difficulty I was able to purchase the required number of tickets for my team through a Doctor friend of mine in Sri Lanka and we waited impatiently for the play to begin.

The story revolves around an aircraft which has been grounded for the past 62 years, unable to be airborne due to the obstacles to the development programmes of our Motherland  and it gives a clear picture about opportunities, time-servers and very bad beauracracy

The play gives a clue to the present pilot and his crew members that if the appropriate well designed plans could be implemented, the Dreamland Aircraft could be airborne to make a successful and a comfortable journey for the passengers who have been looking forward to a comfortable and a safe journey from 4th February 1948.

Wilson Gunaratna’s newest creation has been updated with the current issues.  He is a genius at word play.  He is also a master of the spoken language and has about him a suave urbane wit which comes only to a man who has read and travelled extensively and who has the ability to utilize all that experience to his advantage as an Actor.  His mimicking of certain politicians and the Italian professor who comes as the 7th character in the play would be beyond the average Sri Lankan Actor today. During his  entire performance he never tried to induce any of them.  We all agree that his task of portraying 8 characters and creating Charitha Atak play is mainly to enhance the dignity of our own Motherland.

As the play flows, anyone would agree with the internationally acclaimed actor Wilson Gunaratne that,  what the “ Dreamland  Aircraft ” needs to be airborne is Unity, Peace and Harmony as the best fuel to run the machine.
Anyone who sees ‘Charitha Atak’ would agree with me that the play is the true political scenario of Sri Lanka. I overheard most of the audience comments, of those who had seen Charitha Hathak before, that they admired the updated versions with the appropriate changes, and that was the reason the play was not dull or uninteresting.  After 30 years of agony and suffering in this Motherland, and with the beginning of a new era, the versatile Actor Wilson Gunaratne has done the necessary adaptation to enhance the dignity of the Motherland.

The play was very well received by different strata and, I was certain that the audience at the Auditorium were  of the opinion that the play was  a very high standard witty comedy, specially designed for everyone to enjoy.  I not only agree with them but must also mention that this play is of international standard. It’s a play for all generations… Today and Tomorrow.

He is very intelligent and observant and keeps himself well informed of current  trends, thereby bringing out a lot of originality in the current situation, which most often becomes ‘big hits’ for him.

If this message could be absorbed by all political leaders in this country  our Motherland could be taken out of the present disaster, and Peace & Harmony could be  restored and financial and political stability regained.  What more could any citizen hope and pray for his or her Motherland?

I must specially mention that eminent actor Wilson Gunaratne’s performance of 8 different  characters were of a very high standard and his penchant for humor  is of international  standard.  There was no double meaning or any unsavoury language used in the roles he played.  There was no doubt that Wilson Gunaratne has an abundance of talent and confidence in playing  8   different  characters, which he portrayed so competently  and in such a professional manner. 

The task of portraying 8 different characters with 8 different voices is a high challenge which he has mastered and so uniquely. Although I have been away from my Motherland for the past so many years, I have  always  been in touch  with the political situation in the  country.

I would also like to praise the other supporting members in the cast for their contribution to the play. The  above political comedy script has been well written by Wilson Gunaratne and Chandratilak Gunaratne  and is full of National thinking and many visions of  valuable concepts.

I wish a better and a comfortable journey with Peace & Harmony to each and every passenger of Dreamland Airways under the new Chinthanaya of  the new Pilot, who has undertaken a very difficult  task, but which would not be impossible with co-operation and ‘Team work”.The right person to the right position at the right time is the main theme.

You must see it to believe it!

Dr. Anjalica Murray ( The Netherlands )


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