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Market tumbles

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Market tumbled down further today with benchmark indices slipping into red zone while the overall sentiment was negative. ASI dropped 92.96 points (-1.47%) to close at 6,239.52 while more sensitive MPI closed at 5,535.74, a dip of 116.13 points (-2.05%).
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Stock Market Update... 11th November 2011

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The All Share Price Index gained 15.0 points to close at 6,332.5 (+0.3%), whilst the more liquid  Milanka Price Index also gained 17.4 points to close at 5,651.9 (+0.3%).
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Volatile market

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Notable level of intraday volatility was seen in the Colombo bourse today. The market started the operations in early trading in the negative territory where a sharp pull back was seen in the mid trading session. However in the latter part of the day the market lost its momentum to end negative
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SLT profits flat

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Sri Lanka's leading fixed line operator, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) recorded a consolidated net profit of Rs.1.05 billion for the September quarter (3Q11), up by 3 percent, year-on-year
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Peoples Leasing IPO oversubscribed

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People's Lasing Company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), the second largest so far on CSE which opened today, has been oversubscribed, SSP Corporate Services (Private) Limited, the registrars to the issue informed to the market
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Lackluster market

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The Colombo Stock market experienced yet another lackluster day with weak investor sentiment. Furthermore ASI witnessed a cruising towards the major support level at 6,250
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Turnover up, indices dip

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Sri Lankan equity market continued its struggle to get out of the negative zone as benchmark indices dipped to the negative zone again. ASI decreased by 29.19 points (-0.46%) to end at 6319.25 and liquid MPI dipped by 30.61 points (-0.54%) to close at 5,631.28. The market turnover stood at Rs.2.4bn
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Turnover hits 22 moths low

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Colombo stocks ended in red today with both indices recoding losses. ASI lost 22.46 points (-0.35%) to close at 6,323.59 while sensitive MPI lost 3.44 points (-0.06%) to close at 5,650.91.Daily market turnover hit 22 months low of Rs.533.8mn
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Bourse ends in red

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Colombo bourse returned to the red territory today, after a two day mini rally, with the two indices losing over 75 points each
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Positive momentum continues

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The bourse continued its momentum from Friday and endured another encouraging day with several rallies witnessing on broad range of counters.
 ASI increased by 67.42 points (+1.06%) to end at 6,424.36 while liquid MPI jumped by 58.9 points (+1.03%) to close at 5,733.76. Market turnover stood at Rs.949.4mn
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Bourse dips further

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Uncertainties in the Colombo stock exchange further dipped the market into the negative territory today where risk appetite was seen at bay during trading.
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September tea output down 10.5%

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Sri Lanka's tea production fell in September for a sixth straight month due to adverse weather in high growing areas, the island nation's state-run tea board said on Wednesday
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Bleak market

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Weak sentiments of the Colombo bourse further prevailed today as benchmark ASI further neared its strong support level at 6,250. ASI decreased by 40.8 points (-0.64%) to end at 6,347.72 while liquid MPI dipped by 27.47 points (-0.45%) to settle at 5,704.83. Market turnover was substantially low at Rs.687.1mn, the lowest recorded during the year
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Market drifts down further

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The Sri Lankan market drifted down further today triggered by high level of selling pressure. Moreover ASI is witnessing a steep fall to its major support level at 6,250 points reflecting a potential bounce back to the positive zone or another steep sell down. Interestingly, all the sectors in the bourse registered losses except for the telecommunication sector
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Negative beginning

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Market opened for the week on negative note today with both benchmark indices recording substantial losses. ASI lost 92.40 index points (-1.41%) to close at 6,557.51 while more sensitive MPI lost 66.94 index points (-1.14%) to close at 5,811.39. Market turnover was  Rs.978.2mn
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Navara Capital gets control of IDL

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The controlling stake of the Infrastructure Development Limited PLC (IDL), a company earlier controlled by high net worth investor Nahil Wijesuriya changed hands yesterday as 96 percent or 4.6 million shares traded in a single trade contributing Rs. 128 million to the day's turn over
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Shariah-compliant trading platform on CSE

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Gaurdian Investment House (GIH) with Capital Trust Securities (Pvt) Ltd. (CTS), has designed a public trading platform that adheres to Shariah values
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Rajaratnam to be sentenced today

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Sri Lankan born hedge fund tycoon Raj Rajaratnam, convicted in the biggest Wall Street insider-trading case in decades, will hear his punishment in court today with all signs pointing to a lengthy prison term
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Another lackluster day at bourse

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The Colombo stock market witnessed yet another lackluster day where deep sell downs were shown on a range of stocks. ASI dipped by 64.81 points (-0.97%) to end at 6,604.23 where as liquid MPI dropped by 29.98 points (-0.50%) to settle at 5,905.92. he market turnover was recorded at Rs.1.6bn
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Negative bourse

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The market reopened for the week on a negative note with benchmark indices recording losses. ASI closed at 6,669.06, a dip of  29.79  index points (-0.45%) and liquid MPI closed at 5,935.90, a drop of 42.24 points (-0.71%). Daily market turnover stood at Rs.3.2bn
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Pessimistic week

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The Colombo bourse endured a week with a pessimistic outlook on the onset, continuing the trend entire week excluding Friday. However during the week selected retail counters such as LITE, CFT and ECL etc displayed a speculative run
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