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Maliban Lemon Puff relaunched; BNS Brand Ambassadors

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By Anupama Chandrasiri 
Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt.) Ltd. recently announced the relaunch of one of its flagship brands, Maliban Lemon Puff. Bathiya Jayakody and Santhush Weeraman, the ‘pop duo’ famously known as BNS partnered with Maliban as the Brand Ambassadors for the relaunched product. 
“Quality is our religion; we ensure that we produce for our consumers what we can also give our own families and children,” Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt.) Ltd. Group CEO D.L. Weerasuriya said. 
He also emphasised that the use of natural lemon oil in the cream accounts for the exclusive taste of Maliban Lemon Puff, which has duly gained a loyal consumer market both locally as well as in 20 other countries globally.

“We are amongst the most popular Sri Lankan biscuits in the UK,” Weerasuriya claimed.
Sales and Marketing CEO Ravi Jayawardena explained that with the view that today’s consumers are more knowledgeable than before, the new biscuit has been upgraded, based on blind tests and extensive research, to meet consumer demands. “We have fine-tuned our cream and also our biscuit. It also comes out in a new packing. It’s a total new offering altogether,” Jayawardena said.
He further added that while the quality of the biscuit has been upgraded, the price of the value added product has remained static. 
Being vibrant, rejuvenating and authentic in the product personality, the new brand is meant to attract young consumers. “As popular youth icons, the new brand ambassadors complement all that the product stands for,” Brand Manager Samantha Pushpakumara stated.
Speaking at the ceremony, Santhush Weeraman said that in their work, they gave prominence to taking the Sri Lankan identity to international grounds. “We believe that we can work together with Maliban Lemon Puff to achieve this cause,” he said.
At the relaunching ceremony, the new brand ambassadors symbolically shared partnership with Maliban Lemon Puff and also took part in the launch of its official Facebook page.


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