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A woman who heads a company that employs women and has women as market

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Kay Krill heads a unique company. As the CEO of Ann Inc., she overlooks a staff of 20,000 women who work under her, creating clothes for women. Ann Taylor is a US-based upmarket chain of clothes that targets women who want to dress well and look good.
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Monetary policy might be tightened early next year: HSBC

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The cycle of monetary easing in Sri Lanka will soon end and the country will start to see its monetary policy being tightened as early as from 2015, a global banking giant said in a recent report.
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Unit trust funds grow 75% in 2013

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Sri Lanka’s unit trust industry grew 75 percent in 2013 to Rs.54.3 billion but the number of unit holders have increased by a mere 6 percent to just under 30,000 investors, in a country with a 20 million population, according to the capital market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
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An open letter to hoteliers

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Why don’t you appreciate me more than you do when I show up at your doorstep? Have you lost sight of the fact, that, as your guest, I am at the centre of the hospitality industry and in an ever expanding circle; you need to always be ahead of my needs.
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country in middle-income trap since 1998: Minister

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At a time when the Sri Lanka’s Central Bank (CB) is setting the stage to by-pass a potential economic stagnation and become a ‘break-out nation’, a senior government minister yesterday said that country is gradually being ensnared in the middle income trap.
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A new narrative for economic growth

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Today, we, as a nation, are going through an era where the debate on national economy has probably assumed unprecedented heights.
Yet, it is an irony that no clear dialogue has yet emerged about the future strategic direction of the development of Sri Lanka’s economy.
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Coaching for team performance - Improves productivity, relationships

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Teams are the force that drives most organisations. As a manager or supervisor, you would have seen hostility, conflicting goals and unclear expectations within your teams. These are symptoms of an unhealthy team. To avoid these harmful effects, you need be proactive about improving team performance.
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Stock market at your fingertips

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Technology has played a key role in the financial services industry. Today, however, a number of new and rapidly accelerating trends are emerging that promise to usher in an entirely new paradigm.
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CB to publish BASEL III rules by November: Moody’s

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Sri Lanka’s banking sector which is already entangled in a complex consolidation drive, will soon have to gear itself up to embrace wide ranging capital and liquidity coverage requirements to be implemented under the third and latest instalment of BASEL Accords – BASEL III.
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Rupee edges up on inflows

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The Sri Lankan rupee ended slightly firmer yesterday due to inflows from remittances and exporter dollar sales, while one-month forward premiums fell to more than a three-year low on the hopes of further gain in the currency.
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Why we cannot get home/work balance right, according to top female CEO heading Pepsi Co

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We ponder it over coffee and mull over it at work; it is always on the back burner somewhere as far as women who aspire to the top are concerned. Can we truly achieve the ultimate work-home balance that keeps all the stakeholders happy?
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Is tea industry really taking steps to be more ethical and sustainable?

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With world tea consumption expected to reach 3.36 million tonnes by 2021, the industry must address the ethical issues that leave it lagging behind in sustainability. Challenges are many.
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High labour shortage in EPZs impedes operations

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There are as much as 15,000 vacancies in the country’s Export Processing Zones (EPZs), and this high dearth of labour is hampering the operations of factories located in them, Investment Promotion Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said.
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Govt. contains four months’ budget deficit to 3.5%

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The government has managed to contain its budget deficit to 3.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) during the four months to April 2014 due to the expanding economy but the deficit in absolute terms has edged up to Rs.347 billion from Rs.343.5 billion a year ago..................
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Is Sri Lanka’s logistics hub steaming ahead?

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Sri Lanka has the potential to become a South Asian logistics hub. In fact, it’s an opportunity that is hers to lose. She commands a strategic location adjacent to one of the world‘s busiest shipping-lanes (which by some estimates accounts for over half of global container traffic) and at the mouth of the vast Indian market.
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Lankan banks tighten defences against cyber attacks

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Despite Sri Lanka currently not being in a state of war and not facing foreign invasion, the country is ceaselessly engaged in cyber warfare, and a gap in the lines may bring the country’s economy to its knees, Central Bank Governor, Ajith Nivard Cabraal said.
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High bank borrowing rates and entrepreneurship

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It was with lot of interest I went through the recently issued IPO prospectus of Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company Ltd (“Lucky Lanka”).
My interest in this company was not only because I am a consumer of Lucky Lanka products, but because this company is often referred to......
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New entrant Cargills Bank already in merger talks

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Cargills Bank, which officially opened its doors to the public yesterday, said it is currently negotiating with a company engaged in finance and leasing businesses under the finance sector consolidation process set in motion by the Central Bank.
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Lanka Factory Index improves despite cost pressures

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Sri Lanka’s manufacturing signalled an expansion in the first quarter despite cost pressures, while the country’s global competitiveness ranking has moved up by three notches. “The Factory Industry Production Index that stood at 106.4 this January strengthened and by March.....
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The hand that rocks the cradle rocks in China

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In traditional China, women have always taken a back seat. Sons have been preferred over daughters. Recognized as a global powerhouse of economic growth, as China hits the 21st century, the status of women there seem to be changing; from one in which women took a back seat to men........
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Global medical equipment supplier mulling Lankan entry

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A leading global electrosurgical gear maker with nanotech capacity is exploring Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector for entry. “We are gold standard in terms of electrosurgical gear and operating theatre equipment.
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