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Hybrids boost July vehicle registrations

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Motor car registration figures for July show a significant increase with 2,551 registrations, compared to 2,256 in June and 2,305 year-on-year (yoy), with 827 brand new cars composing the figure, according to JB Securities’ market research.
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Sri Lanka holds rates steady even as credit growth slows

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Sri Lanka’s Central Bank yesterday kept policy rates steady at multi-year lows for a seventh straight month, as expected, despite private sector credit growth slowing further.
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TPG to invest US $ 117mn in Union Bank

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Ending a long wait, Union Bank of Colombo PLC (UBC) yesterday officially announced its mega investment deal with Culture Financial Holdings Ltd, an affiliate of TPG, a USA-based leading private investment with an asset base of US $ 59 billion.
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It has been reported that multibillionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa Motors is planning to set up a Giga factory for the manufacture of 500,000 electric cars by 2020 in the United States at a cost of US$5 billion.
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Britannia plans to re-enter Lankan biscuits market

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Britannia Industries Ltd, the Indian biscuit giant, is looking at viable expansionary plans to enter the Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi markets, according to Indian media reports.
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Rubber out growing: Michelin’s success story

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In an era of market liberalization, globalisation and expanding agribusiness, there is a danger that small-scale farmers face in participating in the market economy. Such farmers could therefore, become marginalized as large-scale farming becomes increasingly necessary for a profitable operation.
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Explaining the mirage of GDP growth optimism

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Optimism about Sri Lanka’s future growth abounded at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce’s economic summit held last week. The running refrain was that Sri Lanka doubled its gross domestic product (GDP) per person between 2004 and 2009, will repeat that success by 2015 and from there go on.....
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Car stereo technology that helps us use mobile phones

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Many of us are drivers. We drive daily from home to office and vise-verse. We go on trips during our vacations or holidays; then we ought to drive long distances.
Anyway these days, especially in Sri Lanka, one of the main causes of road accidents is using mobile phones while driving.
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Excess liquidity to create property boom next year

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Sri Lanka’s property prices which have stagnated for a long time is expected to rise rapidly starting next year, when the banking sector excess liquidity starts to feed through the system forcing interest rates down, a capital market expert forecasted.
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Proactive SEC reverses controversial share sale

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Capital market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), yesterday in a historic move reversed a controversial share deal...
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The benefits of good diplomacy

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The politicization of the foreign service was discussed once again this week in Parliament with the JVP providing a list of the appointments...
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Understanding what it takes to be a manager is not always easy

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Many people - employers included - think that all it takes to be a manager is being the person with the most seniority or the best people skills.
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Policy makers targeting auto trade:CMTA

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Policy makers are using baseless arguments to target auto traders with successive policies, according to Ceylon Motor Traders Association Incoming Chairman Gihan Pilapitiya.
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Debt levels likely to ease further: CB Governor

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Sri Lanka’s Central Bank Governor said overall debt levels are likely to improve further after data showed the nation managed to hit the debt-to-GDP...
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What can we learn from our mistakes in running a business?

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Mistakes form an integral part of our business lives. Some would even go as far as to label the mistakes as learning experiences and rightly so too. Mistakes define our businesses and often, the roads we have chosen over the years.
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Touchwood given further time on undertaking by senior counsel

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The Commercial High Court yesterday gave former Chairman/CEO of Touchwood PLC Lanka Kiwlegedara time till August 25th, to submit statement of affairs and all other documents pertaining to Touchwood PLC, upon the firm undertaking given by Counsel Nihal Fernando PC.
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Tamil Nadu fishermen issue affecting India-SL ties

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August marks the death anniversary of the late Lakshman Kadirgamar, a remarkable Foreign Minister brutally assassinated by the LTTE.
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Market buoyancy continues  

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The recent market rally which has blessed the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is now more than two months old,...
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Government meddling in banks destroys value

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Increasing government interference in banks destroys their value because the poor governance makes it difficult for such banks to raise capital at competitive rates, according to a top HSBC official from the Asia Pacific region.
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Brics Bank and Bretton Woods

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The Bretton Woods conference aimed to reshape the international financial system and end the protectionism that,..
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Ceylon Chamber calls for inclusive growth

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At a time when Sri Lanka is all out to double its per capita income beyond US $ 7,000 by 2020,...
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Harin in Passara
Series win
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Harin in Passara
Series win
Aren’t they tasty?
Chinese beauties visit Minneriya