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Labour crisis in apparel industry Is costly technology or humane HR best practices the solution?

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The era of the closed economy of the left oriented state of 1970- 1977 saw only the domestic garments under the Brand names of Hentley, Maxim, Benhur and later the Duro products of Dasa Industries.
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Reimagining and simplifying landscapes – SAP AG

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“Software is like rivers; the world has been transformed by software, flowing and connecting, much like the rivers that have acted as great connectors of society,” says premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider - SAP AG’s Executive Board Member (Products and Innovations), Dr. Vishal Sikka.
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First female CEO of an automaker set to lead GM

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 General Motors (GM), America’s iconic automaker, has been one to stick to tradition, in typical Detroit fashion. Yet, it broke new ground recently when it announced the appointment of Mary Barra as its CEO – the first woman to head one of the world’s largest automakers.
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Coconut industry needs long-term development plan

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Sri Lanka’s coconut production during the year 2010 fell down by 536 million nuts Year-on-Year to stand at 2317 million nuts, marking the lowest annual production recorded in nearly 15 years.
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Bali Declaration: Breathing life into Doha Round corpse

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Two years ago, it was officially announced that the Doha Round had reached an impasse after 10 years of negotiations. Pascal Lamy, who was then Director-General of the WTO, admitted this publicly.
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Sri Lankans and irregular migration: A journey to die for?

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On December 3, 2013, the Australian government announced a new policy that aimed to further discourage the arrival of irregular migrants in Australia. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced that effective immediately, the government has put a cap on permanent protection visas for asylum seekers arriving by boat.
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Driving Sri Lanka’s tourism industry vision

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Peer-to-peer market needs accommodations, cars/parking, eating and experiences. Sri Lanka is well represented in the accommodations with rooms and houses across the country and rates ranging from US $ 10 to US $ 695 per night.
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Getting back into MSCI Emerging Market Index, top priority: Rajeeva

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Mirror Business met with Rajeeva Bandaranaike who assumed duties as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) last month. Bandaranaike is no stranger to the CSE as he worked at the place for 19 years holding various senior capacities.
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Shrinking the financial fallout of natural disasters

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IRIN: Relief will be more easily and quickly available, and the economic fallout much more manageable, if governments project and plan fiscally for potential natural disasters and their human and economic toll well in advance, experts say.
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JAAF commends government’s balanced approach to shipping economy

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There have been extensive discussions in various forums and in the media recently for and against the budget proposals made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in respect of the shipping economy and more particularly on the terminal handling charges (THC) issue.
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Why ‘I’ is important in successful entrepreneurial matrix

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Busy lives often means tight careers and even tighter personal spaces. It’s a tough battle to keep everything on the burners all at once but that’s the standard formula for today’s busy woman – whether she is powering a rewarding career or is an entrepreneur who must put in an insane amount of hours per day.
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Bids high in quality despite the number: Saliya

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Sri Lanka carried out her second licencing round for 13 blocks in the Mannar and Cauvery basins and the deadline for bids ended November 29. Mirror Business met with Saliya Wickramasuriya........
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WORLD COMPETITION DAY Fighting for the poor: Strengthening antitrust regulations

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In 2013, it was found that brand-name drug manufacturers in the United States were paying their competitors - generic drug manufacturers, to keep their products off the market shelves.
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Economic benefits of professional real estate associations

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It is an established fact that the Real Estate industry makes an important contribution to the economy of a country and to the welfare of its people.
Housing is a key factor in measuring the standard of living of a society, and is an indicator of the economic growth of a country
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Automated system performance requires human engagement

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Some emails or letters invite you to sign up and enjoy membership to this magazine or to that credit card. This just happened to me recently where my entire family received letters from our bank soliciting us to sign up for its prestige credit card that ‘gives double the benefits’.
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Infrastructure development in fragile states: Is it worth it?

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Transport, energy, information and communication technology and water infrastructure enable a state to grow its economy and improve the quality of life of its citizens. Infrastructure acts as the backbone of growth and social wellbeing
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Fertilizer use in plantations and future implications

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It has been said that with the rising incidences of chronic kidney diseases in the agricultural areas of the island, the Sri Lankan government is taking measures to control the indiscriminate usage of chemical fertilizer and agrochemicals by the farmers.
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Why your web presence matters

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We live on the World Wide Web as much as we do in real life. Every individual with access to a computer and Internet is likely to spend a considerable amount of time on it, either in pursuit of a hobby, reading, researching or simply in search of entertainment.
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Global warming and Warsaw consensus

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UNFCC –COP 19   from 11 -22 in Warsaw Poland is attended by representatives of nearly 200 governments and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon addressed the plenary sessions   on......
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Is SL utilizing ocean resources for economic take-off?

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Being an island nation, Sri Lanka is blessed with enormous ocean resources, and related opportunities, that can be utilized for the country s economic development.  There is a wide array of ocean resources, which include both biological and non-biological components.
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‘Cess’ - End the deception and build ‘street lights’

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In Sri Lanka, ‘Cess’ is the name given to a special tax imposed on sales, where the revenue is earmarked for a specific fund with a particular economic purpose. But the government has stymied export promotion and local value addition by ‘stealing’ the Cess. Budget 2014 is poised to further the malpractice.
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Video: For a blessed year
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