Jaya sees PR stunt in MPs’ SL visit

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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has described the visit of a parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka as a public relations (PR) stunt aimed at creating an opinion in favour of the Island nation.

Jayalalithaa on Wednesday pulled out her Anna DMK party’s nominee from the delegation of MPs who will visit Lanka from April 16 to 21.

Congress, Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and DMK members will proceed with the visit, but the chief minister is seen keen on remaining opposed to Colombo’s behaviour towards its Tamil population.

Besides, she has been able to belittle the DMK, which is sending its MP though party chief M. Karunanidhi keeps on attacking Sri Lanka’s policies.

“The programme of the delegation would not allow the MPs to interact with the Tamils. Instead, the itinerary had banquets and meetings with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and other leaders.”

It should be noted that friendly photographs and banquets with Rajapaksa could certainly be bad publicity for her party. The MPs will visit the northern and eastern parts of the Sri Lanka.

She pointed out that the visit does not include discussions with Rajapaksa on the rehabilitation and resettling of the Tamils in that nation.

“Since I believed that the visit of Indian MPs will be a solace to Lankan Tamils and will help us know the ground realities regarding rehabilitation works there, I deputed AIADMK MP W. Rabi Bernard,” Jayalalithaa said on Wednesday.

“But the delegation’s agenda gives an impression that the visit is just a formal one and does not give importance to interacting with people affected by the war.

“On the contrary, much importance is being given to meetings and banquets with Lankan political leaders and officials, including Rajapaksa.” She pointed out that the team lacks mediapersons, human rights activists and independent observers. “That raises many doubts about the very purpose of the visit,” she said.

“I feel the proposed visit of Indian MPs will be an eyewash akin to that undertaken a couple of years ago by Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi and some other MPs.” (Gulf Today)

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  • Silva Friday, 13 April 2012 03:39 PM

    Good Move! Kepp it up!!!

    RF Friday, 13 April 2012 04:03 PM

    They do not want know the truth. Truth will shut their mouth and will not have anything to argue in their next election campains....

    lal Saturday, 14 April 2012 11:10 AM

    Praveen, if people were rude to children it is very mean. India deserved to win the 2011 World Cup on the day. It is fact though in 1996 when Sri Lanka about to beat India in Calcutta, India fans set fire in the stadium, I recent Indian politicians and officials interfering in Sri Lanka affairs for their personal gain. They have made matters worse for both Tamils and Sinhalese. It is upto you to take note of what people about India. But ask yourself why none of India's neighbours, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China ... trust India. They cannot all be wrong. Best tell your politicians to fix India first. I have not seen Slum Dog Millionaire, but I was in India recently and saw plenty of slums and stray dogs and lots of poor children.

    hisham Friday, 13 April 2012 05:04 PM

    How much she try to isolate SLanka she will not sucseed, she has to remember poltical situation changes everytime for better or for worse.

    kiribath Friday, 13 April 2012 05:03 PM

    JJ is write, they will come , eat,drink,round trips ,gifts and go, how many times they came ?

    lal Saturday, 14 April 2012 01:30 AM

    This woman wants the focus away from the squalid state the Tamil Nadu is in. Less than 50% Indians have a toilet in their homes, much lower literacy rate than Sri Lanka, lower life expectancy, lower per capita income. She ought to look after her own rather than export poor Tamils as coolies to Africa, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, West Indies ... Get a life!

    Preethi Singh Saturday, 14 April 2012 01:47 PM

    Praveen, advice taken. You can lead a donkey to the water...the rest is evident here..

    Vas Saturday, 14 April 2012 01:42 AM

    Spot on JJ . Hope you become the PM of India.

    Nodrog Saturday, 14 April 2012 02:17 AM

    All Jaya's rhetotics are good for the ignorant masses. She can't solve the problems in TN but has time to poke her unwanted fingers in our affairs.

    limatc Saturday, 14 April 2012 03:57 AM


    Sammy Saturday, 14 April 2012 05:27 AM

    you know too well about publicity stunts madam since you have been upto it many times.

    mara Saturday, 14 April 2012 05:53 AM

    The tax payers money should be spent in banqueting anyway.

    Sarath Saturday, 14 April 2012 05:53 AM

    Jayalalitha, you are too old, Just talk what you want during this very limited time. No much you can earn / make this world.

    jacoobc Saturday, 14 April 2012 05:52 AM

    Vow, she speaks sense .. can't help thinking our blokes' geneva stint and jolly good times in utter vain ...

    Preethi Singh Saturday, 14 April 2012 06:43 AM

    Lal, you talk of a squalid state that TN is in? Can you enlighten me where your get this information from? Maybe, global giants, like Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture, Lloyds, BMW, Ebay, Google, Citibank etc have missed something that you know. They seem to think otherwise. Take a walk into Tidel Park in Chennai..and maybe there is a chance you will see somethings that might educate you. You also need to understand the difference between being modern and advanced. Without a doubt, SL is a modern state. However, it cannot be said to be advanced. On the other hand, TN might not be modern, byt it is far advanced in its thinking..in every sphere. Changing attitudes and learning is something that we really can do, for our own good. .

    Haunted Voice Saturday, 14 April 2012 09:05 PM

    The dead innocents are longing for justices.......

    Nihal Amarasekera Saturday, 14 April 2012 07:51 AM

    This is politics; mam; you know better than most.

    Sheeva Saturday, 14 April 2012 07:43 AM

    She is expanding to global politics with Hilary

    Ramya Sunday, 15 April 2012 03:28 AM


    Praveen Saturday, 14 April 2012 08:14 AM

    @Preethi, You cannot change the way people like Lal think about India. They probably have watched Slum Dog Millionaire or they would have seen or heard about certain pockets of heavily crowded Chennai where poor people live. So the thing about toilets keeps cropping up in their minds. India has never denied the fact that they have to do a lot of work on sanitation. But the hatred that you see towards Indians in these forums is unbelievable. Also in real life – my friend’s kids (Indian) go to a very famous school in Colombo. Last year when India won the world cup her colleagues kept coming at their little child (she is in third grade) saying India is dirty. Child was in tears and parents wanted to complain but then they learned about the teacher who said that Dhoni had no choice but to win else Indians would have burned his house down. These little kids refused to mark India on the world map during a class assignment. Can you digest that? Best thing is to ignore people like Lal.

    Sudath Saturday, 14 April 2012 08:09 AM

    The presence of MNCs in Chennai has nothing to do with actual situation of the rest of the State. MNCs are there because of the cheap and somewhat qualified labour. Please don't forget the fact that 70% of the people in the State depend on the Ration Card which gives 20 kgs of Rice for Rs.20, sugar 15 etc. Open defecation and urination are a truth in Tamil Nadu. The largest number of female infant killing and divorces(due to dowry problems) is highest in Tamil Nadu. Have you ever been to a govt hospital in TN? Contrast that with ours. You are miles away from being advanced! Anyway try your best!

    sambol Friday, 13 April 2012 01:44 PM

    Sri Lankan curries are much hotter, with more chillies, than what you get in India. I hope SL Govt caterers are aware of this and make them milder.You can then win them over.

    raj Friday, 13 April 2012 02:13 PM

    she is absoltely right.

    jonybug Friday, 13 April 2012 02:46 PM


    sss Friday, 13 April 2012 02:31 PM

    A very good decision!

    samer Friday, 13 April 2012 02:40 PM

    This women is a terrorist and wants to do her own political agenda by playing with Sri Lanka issues,,,,,, I think Sri Lanka media and leaders of all political parties and people of SL should make it very clear to this women to keep her dirty hands of Sri Lanka and inform her what she's doing is not in any way helping SL........ This women will not be happy if SL has peace and anything which helps that will be negative for this women..... Daily Mirror please publish my comments, we Sri Lankans should get united and talk in ONE voice for TN to undrastand the point that their not welcome in SL anymore......

    Bindu Friday, 13 April 2012 03:04 PM

    Madam, your view is correct.
    But if Indian delegates don't follow GOSL's itinary, they will have White van ride

    fazan Friday, 13 April 2012 03:08 PM

    well said maam. Big salute for your honesty and concern about minorities.

    suren soysa Sunday, 15 April 2012 06:46 AM

    Tell the LTTE diaspora K.Nidi & JJ..

    Selva Friday, 13 April 2012 03:03 PM

    Miss Jeyalalitha, you are 100% right. She talks sensibly nowadays as she gets older

    Conty Saturday, 14 April 2012 09:56 AM

    Preethi Singh you seem educated & I am sorry to ask you these questions just to prove a point, are you a touchable or an untouchable? How many are still classed as "untouchables in TN"? Is this what you call "advanced? Microsoft, BMW etc are there for only one reason and that is because you have 1.2 billion people they see your nation as a cash cow, Multi nationals will take what you have and not give you what they have, if you think otherwise I will have to retract my comment re your education.
    How could S/L ever advance when your country poke your nose in S/L affairs? What Lal probably wish to say politely is "why spend TN money on providing terrorist to destabilize a nation, would TN appreciate Pakistan or China arming a terror group in India? I don't think so.

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