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The 10th Bhava or Karmasthana Tells whether you will lead a self-reliant productive life

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The 10th House or the Karmasthana in a horoscope is also referred to as Abhimanasthana and Pitrusthana. The 10th House is also one of the four Kendras of the horoscope.  

Both the Sun and Mars enjoy Dig Bala or Directional strength when placed in the 10th House. Therefore, these two planets command greater strength than other planets when posited in this House. 


What the 10th House represents
This House represents one’s occupation or career, ambition and energy, temporal honours and success, foreign travels, reputation, respect, Means of livelihood, self-respect, religious knowledge and dignity.

The 10th House also rules the knees of the human body.


Results of a strong 10th House
If the 10th lord is the Sun who is well aspected, the native would derive income from inherited wealth and dealing in medicines and chemicals. 
If the 10th lord is strong Swakshetra or exalted in Rashi or Navamsa, the native would enjoy fame, career success and paternal bliss.

If the Moon occupies the 10th under the aspect of Mars, the native would earn money from selling gemstones, agricultural products or from dealings with aristocracy or high officials of the state. 

If the 10th lord is weak, the native would face obstacles in the way of his endeavors. 

If Mars is the 10th lord or if it occupies the 10th House and is aspected by the Sun or the Moon, the native would be a commander in chief of an armed force and if aspected by Saturn, a gang leader and a bandit, and if aspected by Mercury a physician. 

If the 10th lord is conjunct with a benefic or in an auspicious House, one would gain wealth through royal patronage or business. 


When other planets occupy the 10th House
If the 10th House is occupied by Mercury and is aspected by Jupiter, the native would be a professor in religious philosophy.

If Jupiter becomes the lord of the 10th House or aspects this House while being occupied by a benefic, one would earn his livelihood by being a preceptor to eminent families. If a weak Saturn occupies the 10th or aspects the 10th with no beneficial conjunction or aspects, the native would be a person condemned to doing menial jobs for a living. 

If both 10th and 11th Houses are occupied by malefics, the native would indulge in base lowly deeds. 

If Pisces becomes the 10th House, in other words, if one’s Ascendant is Gemini, and Mercury or Mars occupies it, one would attain mukti or emancipation from worldly suffering. 

If Saturn and Mars are in the 10th, aspected by other malefics, the native would have communications with super-natural beings. 


Foreign travel
If the 10th House is in a watery sign and its lord occupies a movable Rashi or Navamsa, the native would undertake foreign travel. If the Sun is also in the 10th, the foreign journeys would be linked to political missions.                    

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