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2017-09-15 12:46:15


Human Hand – Trailblazer of Human Civilization – Part 25


The Head line, according to learned palmists signifies the mental qualities of the subject. They say that the brain that creates, shapes and re-shapes the character of the mind reveals it through the Head line. Therefore, even if other main lines on the hand go missing, the Head line would not. It would be absent only in a very rare case.


Affinity between Head Line and Life Line
There is a close affinity between life and the brain. One cannot survive without the other. Besides, life is worthless without the benefits of the products of the brain, wisdom and intelligence. Therefore, Life line and the Head line assume equal importance.


Location and formation

The Head line very often commences from the point of origin of the Life line and reaches the other side of the palm after running through the Mars plain. In certain cases, it starts below the Mount of Jupiter and also at various points lower down the Life line. In most cases, this line runs towards the percussion in a sloping line.

Given its importance, the Head line should be long, deep and distinct, if it is to signify favorable results. If it is even slightly defective, it would signify a great setback in the life of the subject. The Head line does not appear to have a fixed starting point. The formation of this line falls into the following five main types:

 1. It commences from the starting point of the Life line. And runs through the centre after cutting the Life line, to reach the percussion.
2. It stops after reaching the centre of the palm having commenced from near the source of the Life line.
3. It changes its course after running parallel to the Life line for a long distance.
4. It reaches the other side after commencing from near the Life line dividing the palm into two parts.
5. The Head line and the Life line appear to run merged into one.

Head line similar to No. 1 is not favourable because the line proceeding after cutting the Life line foreshadows an accident. Such a subject would be sick and weak. He would be hot-tempered and would act rashly to his own detriment. He would have few friends and some of them would cheat him in his hour of need.

No. 2: Head line indicates that the subject would surely attain an important position in life. Such a person is capable of taking quick decisions and would take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He is endowed with a sharp intelligence and would attain success through travels.

No: 3: Head line indicates that the subject is clever and efficient and he possesses self-confidence. He has more than one source of income. He succeeds in life by the dint of perseverance.

No: 4: Head line indicates the subject would go abroad several times in his life time. He would amass wealth through foreign trade or foreign sources.

No: 5: Head line shows the subject is cruel and is devoid of humane feelings. This type of Head line is often seen in the hands of criminals like murderers.


General indications
When the Head line starts quite apart from the Life line, the subject would be full of self-confidence. He would be somewhat conceited too. The Head line widely separated from the Life line signifies that the subject is reckless and careless.

The Head line originating from the Mount of Jupiter shows that the subject is ambitious, self-reliant, and self-confident and is capable of leadership.

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