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Star Guide Forecast for The week (November 17 Saturday to November 23 Friday)

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Aries (Mesha):

Sun in the 8th House indicates poor health and heavy expenses. Lagnadhipati Mars in your 11th House holds out financial gains, good health and domestic peace and happiness.  Mercury in your 8th House indicates success in all projects, financial stability and an increase in popularity and higher status. Jupiter’s ingress into your 8th House is a warning for you to avoid unnecessary travels. Be careful about your diet. You are prone to indigestion and liver trouble.   A happy family life and gains and honours from foreign sources and high recognition in the society are in store for you with Swakshetra Venus in the 7th House. 


Taurus (Vrushabha):

Disputes and misunderstandings with spouse and business partners, heavy expenses and unhappiness in the family are likely due to an unfavourable Sun in the 7th House. A rise in career and generally happy time are in store for you with Mars in your 10th House.  Mercury in your 7th House  may bring you power, influence and authority.  The right time has come for you to enter into business partnerships. You can look forward to marital happiness, a happy family life and a very prosperous time with Jupiter in your 7th House.  Time is opportune for you to take risks as well as bold decisions. Sound health, success at exams and competitions on the cards thanks to Swakshetra Venus in the 6th House.    


Gemini (Mithuna):

An upper hand over rivals and enemies, a rise in career and an increase in income are among the benefits held out by the Sun in the 6th House.  Unfavourable influence of Mars in your 9th House could cause you anxiety and tensions. Mercury in your 6th House indicates a happy time, good health and cordial relations with superiors and co-workers.  A new opportunity career- wise will come your way, which you should not miss, thanks to Jupiter in your 6th House. Both gains and problems are on the cards. Control your expenditure, avoid unnecessary travels and speculations. Success and achievements in academic and scientific efforts and happiness from children are held out by Venus in the 5th House.


Cancer (Kataka):

An unfavourable Sun in the 5th House signifies monetary problems, mental unrest and poor health and losses in speculation-related business activity. Mars in your 8th House is a warning for you to avoid risk-involved activity for you are prone to accidents that could lead to loss of blood. Mercury in your 5th House is a warning for you to avoid gaming activity and speculation-related trading. A happy time at workplace and an increase in income are held out by Jupiter in your 5th House heralding a generally favourable time for you. Matrimonial prospects for unmarried young men and women are very bright. Enhanced living comforts, an acquisition of a vehicle or a housing property, success at exams and a happy family life are held out by Venus in the 4th House.


 Leo (Sinha):

Sun with mercury and Jupiter in the 4th House could cause stomach-related problems, mental unrest and disharmony in the family. Unfavourable influence of Mars in your 7th House raises the possibility of disputes and clashes with your spouse and business partners. A good time for studies is ahead with a favourable Mercury in your 4th House. However, take special care to protect your honour and reputation given Jupiter’s entry into your 4th House which is also a signal for you to be on your alert while at work, on travel and in the company of friends. Success in all endeavours, a happy time with brothers and co-workers and sound health are held out by a powerful Venus in the 3rd House.


Virgo (Kanya):

Power, authority and high position, sound health is held out by Sun powerfully placed in the 3rd House.  Mars in your 6th House too indicates power and influence, a position of dominance over enemies and rivals and financial gains.  Take care to avoid misunderstandings with co-workers and relatives given an unfavourable Mercury  in the 3rd House. A happy family life and a change of residence are indicated by Jupiter in your 3rd House. Though Jupiter is not strong in the new House, his beneficial aspect over the 5th, 7th and 9th Houses can bring a host of benefits. Foreign travel is in store for some natives. Enhanced living comforts as well as respect from society and popularity are in the offing.


Libra (Thula):

Sun in the 2nd House could cause loss of wealth, eye problems and domestic issues. Losses from speculation-related business and gaming activity and incurring the displeasure of children are strong possibilities given Mars’ ingress into your 5th House. Increased wealth and a happy family life are held out by Mercury in your 2nd House. The birth of a son for those married and matrimony for young bachelors and maidens are indicated by Jupiter in your 2nd House to bring you a time of plenty and prosperity. You will have all comforts and luxuries at your disposal. A new job or rise in career and success at exams also indicated.  A pilgrimage to a distant shrine is possible.


Scorpio (Vrushika):

Sun in the 1st House is a warning for you to pay more attention to your health, if you have blood pressure and heart trouble. Avoid transactions and issues related to land and property and be mindful of your health given an unfavourable Mars in your 4th House. You are prone to sore throat and tonsillitis due to an unfavourable Mercury in your 1st House. Jupiter in the Lagna holds out a time when you will gain honour, respect, status rather than material success.  Time on is favourable for foreign travel, scholarly activity and spiritual pursuits but unfavorable for parents.  A strong Venus in the 12th House makes you frugal-minded and imbues you with acumen, a keen perception and a positive outlook.


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

Sun transiting in the 12th House points to heavy expenses, health issues and threats to your reputation and status. Mars in your 3rd house will imbue you with courage and confidence and will bring you financial gains. Be on your alert as troubles from enemies are likely due to Mercury in your 12th House. A new job is in the offing given your Lagnadhipati Jupiter’s ingress in your 12th House. Though he is not favourable in this House, his aspect over the 4th and the 6th Houses will bring you a host of benefits. Be wary of enemy machinations and keep away from litigation.  An increase in wealth, a good social time, help from friends and career success are held out by a strong Venus in the 11th House.


Capricorn (Makara):

A favorably placed Sun in the 11th House holds out higher status, an increase income and patronage of those occupying high office. The adverse influence of Mars in your 2nd House shortly indicates possible high expenses and disharmony in the family. Achievements and financial gains are indicated by Mercury in your 11th House by the weekend. If you are in politics, you can look forward to a time of popularity and high standing with Sun due in your 10th House shortly. Meanwhile, fame, and honour and fulfillment of aspirations as well as a very good time financially are ahead with Jupiter in your 11th House. General prosperity, higher status, gainful distant travel and achievements in higher education are held out by a strong Venus in the 10th House. You are prone to skin diseases.  


Aquarius (Kumbha):

A rise in career, a new or a better job and gainful foreign travel are likely due to the Sun in your 10th House. You are prone to accidents which could cause head injuries due to an unfavourable Mars in your Lagna. Career benefits are held out by Mercury in your 10th House. Time of endurance rather than enjoyment is ahead with Jupiter in your 10th House, a place where it will not be comfortable. You may face some career-related problems, but you will soon sort them out. A powerful Venus in the 9th House can bring you wealth, gains from partnerships, inheritances, sound health and general happiness. High returns from mining and agricultural activity are indicated.  


Pisces (Meena):

Sun in the 9th House could loss of wealth, worries, health problems and humiliation.  A time when you must be mindful of your good name, safety and your financial position has come with Mars beginning transit in your 12th House. Tensions and worries are indicated by Mercury in your 9th House by the weekend. You will benefit most from Jupiter’s ingress into 9th House. A swell of a time is ahead for you with wealth, good health and fame on the cards.  Gaming activity and speculation-related transactions may bring more gains, Strong Venus in the 8th House signifies sound health, unforeseen inheritances and marital happiness

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