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Read your fortune from the yogas formed on your palm – Part X11

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  • Poorna-ayu Yoga:  long-life up to 100 years with robust health
  • Shatadhika-ayu Yoga:  long life exceeding 100 years enjoying good health
  • Moksha-prapti Yoga: destined to attain Moksha or Nibbana within life-time


Bhagyodaya Yoga: This yoga is formed when the Fate line originating from the bracelets goes up to the second phalanx of the finger of Saturn.
Result: Whatever effort the subject makes comes to success. He is so fortunate; his good luck would continue to the end of his lifetime.

Poorna-ayu Yoga: A clear and distinct Life line with no mark of a cross or a spot on it or lines cutting it and preceding the full length up to the bracelets forms this Yoga. The following formations also are considered as signifying this Yoga.

1. Three complete bracelets
2. Life line reaching the first bracelet.
3. Fate line touching or running some length overlapping the Life line
4. A clear Life line originating from above the Head line
5. All Mounts are well developed and the Thumb is long and turned backwards
6. A full length health line with no cross or spot on it
Result: A person endowed with this Yoga would enjoy long life- up to 100 years with robust health.

Shatadhika Ayur-yoga: This Yoga is formed when the Life line in both hands starting from its origin reaches the bracelets making a large curve allowing an ample area for the Mount of Venus.
Result: The subject lives for more than 100 years enjoying good health.


Amitmayu yoga: Well developed Mounts of Mercury, Moon, Jupiter and Sun and a clear faultless Life line in both hands form this yoga. 
Result: Outstanding works of the subject, literary and otherwise brings him worldwide acclaim and fame. He acquires all needs for a comfortable life. He leads a happy, healthy and contented life for more than 100 years.


Mahabhagya Yoga: If the Mount of Sun is developed and well positioned, Mounts of Moon and Jupiter are also elevated, and the line of Sun is long and distinct in the hand of a person born during the daytime, he is considered as having this yoga.
Result: The subject is courteous, sagacious, liberal and kind-hearted. He possesses a magnetic personality and leadership qualities. He achieves success in life through hard work and perseverance. If the subject is a female, she would marry a great person holding a position of authority. She is respected by all. 


Moksha-prapti yoga: This yoga is formed when the line of Jupiter originating from a developed Mount of Jupiter reaches the Mount of Sun.
Result: The subject has such a pure mind unsullied by defilements like hate, malice, envy and all desires, he after death attains a plane of existence free from pain, grief, misery and suffering, which Hindus call Moksha. For Buddhists it is Nibbana. According to all religions, except Buddhism, attaining after death salvation from worldly suffering is the greatest achievement man can aspire to. According to Buddhism, the supreme bliss of Nibbana or Arahantship is a goal that can be achieved within one’s life time. However, according to all religions, the supreme state of salvation, be it Moksha or Nibbana can be attained only by leading a life of virtue and sacrifice. 


Kahala Yoga: This yoga is formed when lines coming from a developed lower Mount of Mars touch the Mounts of Saturn, Mercury and Sun.
Result: The subject born with this yoga is a person of integrity possessing a strong physique and a strong mind. He is imbued with a spirit of adventure. People born with this yoga achieve a high position in Police or in an armed force.


Budha-aditya Yoga: This yoga occurs when the Mounts of Mercury and Sun appear blended.
Result: The subject is very intelligent and clever and can adopt himself to any situation. He achieves fame through his achievements. He leads a happy life.


Chaapa Yoga: Tiny vertical lines making the Sun line form this Yoga.
Result: The person possessing this yoga must go through a difficult childhood. Fortune visits him at the age of 28 and thereafter he would lead a happy successful life. The subject loves travelling. He would turn his love for travelling into a means of earning money.


Chhaap  Yoga: This yoga is formed when two small lines on the Mount of Jupiter cut each other to form a cross.
Result: A person endowed with this yoga would rise to a very high position.Wealth comes to him easily. The subject leads a very happy life.


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