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Forecast for The week September 15 Saturday to September 21 Friday

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Aries (Mesha):

Increased wealth, sound health, invincibility, power and authority are among the benefits held out by the powerful Sun – exalted Mercury combination in the 6th house.  You should pay special attention to the health and safety of your mother.  A generally favourable period is ahead with a Swakshetra Venus joining Jupiter in the 7th House. Marital and family happiness and possible gains and honours from foreign sources are indicated.  Achievements of children too may bring you happiness. Lagnadhipati Mars exalted in your 10th House holds out success in enterprises that require bold decisions.


Taurus (Vrushabha):

Gains from scholarly activity, happiness from children and honours and recognition for efforts and achievements in the fields of arts, science and sports are indicated by exalted Mercury – Sun combination in the 5th house. Time is opportune for you to take risks as well as bold decisions. Financial gains, sound health and success at exams, contests and competitions are in store with a strong Venus – Jupiter combination in the 6th House. Sound health, success at exams and competitions and a generally happy time are in store thanks to Swakshetra Venus conjunct with Jupiter in the 6th House. Time on is opportune for taking bold decisions.  


Gemini (Mithuna):

Success in educational pursuits, enhanced living comforts and acquisition of a vehicle or a housing property are indicated by the powerful Sun – mercury combination in the 4th house.  Success and achievements in academic and scientific efforts and happiness from children are held out by Venus – Jupiter combination in the 5th House. Those running the Maha Dasa of Rahu are advised to watch their health and expenses. High dividends from speculative investments are also on the cards. Exalted Mars in the 8th House holds out sound health, gains from partnerships and inheritances from the dead. 


Cancer (Kataka):

Your Sound health, financial stability, good relations with siblings, co-workers and neighbours are assured by the powerful Sun -mercury combination in the 3rd House. You must be mindful of your honour and reputation if you are running the Rahu Maha Dasa.  Enhanced living comforts, an acquisition of a vehicle or a housing property,  success at exams and a happy family life are held out by Venus – Jupiter combination in the 4th House. Victory over enemies and success in contests and competitions are assured by Saturn in the 6th House. Mars powerful in the 7th House can bring you a rise in career as well as honors.


 Leo (Sinha):

A happy family time and increased wealth are assured by the Sun -Mercury combination in the 2nd House. Heavy expenses, but opportunities for gainful foreign travel are indicated.  Success in all endeavours, a happy time with brothers and co-workers and sound health are held out by a powerful Venus in the 3rd House.  Political high office, success in contests and competitions and a whip hand over enemies and rivals are on the cards with a very favourable Mars in the 6th House.  


Virgo (Kanya):

A very auspicious time though brief is held out by the Lagnadhipati exalted in the Lagna generating the benefits of Bhadra Yoga. Fame, patronage from the state, an increase in income from business, investments and other economic activity are held out by the Rahu in the 11th House. Enhanced living comforts as well as respect from society and popularity are in the offing. Honours and recognition in sports, in martial sports and a time of fun and merry-making are ahead with a powerful Mars in the 5th House.  Financial stability and a happy family life are indicated by the powerful Venus – Jupiter combination in the 2nd House.


Libra (Thula):

Exalted Mercury in the 12th House generating the effects of Vimala Yoga holds out a very auspicious time ahead. Meanwhile, Swakshetra Lagnadhipati Venus associated with Jupiter in the Lagna assures wealth, fame and a happy time ahead.  A rise in career, gainful foreign travel and even political success are held out by Rahu in the 10th house.  A pilgrimage to a distant shrine is possible. Mars in the 4th House holds out a host of benefits such as success in contests and competitions, cordial relations with relatives and acquisition of lands, property and vehicles. 


Scorpio (Vrushika):

Exalted Mercury with Sun in the 11th House will bring you financial gains, increased returns from investments and help and the company of friends holding high office.  Time on is favourable for foreign travel, scholarly activity and spiritual pursuits but unfavourable for parents.  A strong Venus in the 12th House makes you altruistic and frugal-minded and imbues you with acumen, a keen perception and a positive outlook. High political or/and executive office is held out by exalted Mars in the 3rd House. 


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

You are assured of a possible rise in the career, a successful time professionally, monetary gains and gainful foreign travel (if you are in appropriate circumstances) with the powerful Sun – Mercury combination in the 10th House.  Be wary of enemy machinations and keep away from litigation.  An increase in wealth, a good social time, help from friends and career success are held out by a strong Venus with Jupiter in the 11th House. A sharp increase in income is held out by a powerful Mars in the 2nd House. 


Capricorn (Makara):

Exalted Mercury with Sun in the 9th House assures general prosperity, higher status, gainful distant travel and achievements in higher education. Enhanced living comforts, sensual pleasures, career success and gainful foreign travel are held out by a strong Venus with Jupiter in the 10th House. You are prone to skin diseases. Inheritances from unforeseen sources, robust health, a happy family life and gains from partnerships are on the cards with a powerful Sun placed in your 8th House.  Mars exalted in the Lagna imbues you with courage and confidence and drive and dynamism.


Aquarius (Kumbha):

Exalted Mercury with Sun in the 8th House can bring you wealth, gains from partnerships, inheritances, sound health and general happiness. A favourable time is on for natives active in politics. Fame, wealth, higher status and general prosperity are assured by swakshetra Venus with Jupiter in the 9th House. High returns from mining and agricultural activity are indicated. Power and authority, a whip hand over enemies and rivals and even high political office are held out by the Rahu in the 6th House.  Exalted Mars in the 12th House imbues you with a positive outlook, a keen perception and acumen.


Pisces (Meena):

You can look forward to an increase in fame, career success and gains from foreign sources thanks to a powerful Mercury – Sun combination in the 7th House.  Avoid gaming activity and speculation-related transactions and pay greater attention to your children. A strong Venus with Jupiter in the 8th House signifies sound health, unforeseen inheritances and marital happiness. An exalted Mars in the 11th House brings financial gains and business success. You are prone to digestive problems. You are also forewarned about possible disputes with relatives and family members.

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